Like, With A Cloth?

Hillary knew a lot more about servers than she pretended:

Yeah, she basically at the end of the 2008 campaign instructed one of her close aides to download the emails of some of her top campaign advisors to figure out who’d been talking to the press, who’d been doing the backstabbing, or presumably if anybody had been talking bad about her, and because she felt that this loyalty was a huge problem for her in 2008. So what she did was figured out how to get all these emails. Now you know, a few years later, she’s making the argument that she didn’t understand what she was doing in setting up a private server outside the State Department system. But it’s very hard to, it’s very hard to reconcile the idea that she understood well enough that she could download her own aides’ emails, but didn’t understand that by putting a server outside the State Department, she was basically preventing people from getting her information during a campaign season, unless of course as happened, there was a court order to retrieve those emails.

We know why she set up the server, and it wasn’t “for convenience.” Other than it being inconvenient for her if people found out what she was really doing. She probably did lie to the FBI, but Comey was either in the tank for her, or a political coward.

5 thoughts on “Like, With A Cloth?”

  1. As Sarah Hoyt likes to say, this is my shocked face. Absolutely no one believed the lies she told about this. It was just in the interest of some people to pretend otherwise. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t have found a way for both her and Trump to lose.

  2. ‘Probably lied?’ This is the definitive proof that there are no longer any adults.

    You can never prove anything. You can only be certain. Accepting a few false positives as the price for freedom is a bargain.

    Especially in today’s environment where the innuendo of the narrative (pounded into us continually with no supporting facts) is more power than the truth.

    “All Republicans are evil genius 4d chess players that can’t tie their shoes.” “All Democrats that embrace socialist dictators are patriots above questioning.”

  3. Much like using interns for sex became acceptable after Bill, this would have made it OK for your boss to pillage the company email system looking for dirt on employees.

  4. Oh, just a big nothing burger! Nothing to see here, please disperse!

    Except that the Landmark Legal Foundation has filed suit in the FISA court to get to the bottom of this. It will take more such suits, but in my view, Comey, Brennan, and even Obama himself may wind up on the wrong end of legal history.

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