Annie Hall

A review.

This caught my eye because we watched it Sunday night, just by scrolling through Starz, and I’d forgotten how good it was. I remember seeing it in a drive-in on a first (and last) date in Tucson when it came out. (The date went fine, but she was about to graduate from U of A with a EE degree and move to Mountain View). Like The Producers, I don’t think it could be made today.

6 thoughts on “Annie Hall”

  1. Never seen it, never will. I can’t forgive it (or The Academy) for winning Best Picture over “Star Wars.”

    1. Even Harrison Ford thought Star Wars was just a good paycheck.

      Try deflecting a death star ray with a lightsaber! While wearing a metal bikini of course. Ming the Merceless had more emotional content.

  2. Rand you’re beginning to sound like FM radio.

    The next time I’m in line to see the next Star Wars movie and I hear some ignoramous spout off about why all the experts agree that NASA should mount an Apollo style mission to Mars can I pull you and Robert Zubrin out of the line and tell them what an ignoramous they are?

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