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  1. I believe religious identity is fluid, which is why I like that churches with signs that say “All are welcome.” I also believe political identity is fluid, which is why I’m for open primaries.

  2. Most people are probably mixed race but very few are mixed gender… but since the argument from the left is content free it really doesn’t matter.

    “What do we want?” “Our own facts!”

    “When do we want it?” “Now!”

    I think I should make some placards and start marching???

    1. Hey, as someone who possesses both an X and and Y chromosome, I always have the moral and ethical high ground on any issue involving gender.

    2. Waddya mean no one is mixed gender? I am. One of my parents was male, the other parent was female.

  3. I’d be really surprised if most on the conservative right don’t also struggle to accept trans-racialism as legitimate. Libertarians and classical liberals are the ones most likely to accept individuals self identifying outside the traditionally accepted categories.

    1. Many conservatives don’t look at race as an issue because we are supposed to be judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin.

      1. Yes. The same is true of many liberals. The liberals who disagree probably get more press.

        1. The Democrats who disagree are the ones that control the party and set policy in government, education, and activism.

          The ones who think people should be judged on character have no influence and are abandoning the Democrat party. Trump might have only won some states by ten thousands votes or so but look at the net swing, not pretty.

    2. I don’t know anyone in my circle of mostly liberal friends (who Rand would call leftist) who isn’t supportive of Rachel Dolezal’s position. They certainly don’t struggle over the idea.
      Trans-gendered does seem different from “trans-racial”, for the reasons described in the linked article, but the idea that race identity should be “fluid”, or more precisely, the idea that a person ought to be able to self-identify their race, and ought to be able to change their mind over time seems perfectly reasonable to the “leftists” I know.

      You might reasonably wonder if I know a representative sample of liberals, but I, in turn, wonder if the people who are outraged by the idea that race identity is fluid are representative sample.

      1. I transitioned into a living god king. To avoid disrespecting me and my personal journey to omnipotence, I insist that whenever in my presence, liberals have to bow to me till their foreheads touch the floor.

          1. So if people refer to Mr. Trump as a fat slug, he is indeed the God Emperor?

      2. Democrats are only defending Dolezal because to do otherwise would look bad for their party. If a Republican faked hate crimes while claiming to be another ethnicity in order to gain fame and wealth, Democrats wouldn’t be so accepting.

        Since faking being another race to take advantage of the special privileges given them to mitigate historical sins against people with their heritage isn’t acceptable for anyone but political activists in the Democrat party, it isn’t much of an ethos of acceptance and tolerance.

        Its just circling the wagons.

        1. Just to reiterate, Dolezal is a pos and doesn’t deserve forgiveness for what she did, which go far beyond claiming to be black in order to advance her career. Unless she says she is sorry for faking hate crimes and pays some punishment for faking them.

          She defamed an entire city by faking hate crimes. I don’t know about where you are from but where I live, calling someone a racist is the worst possible insult that can only be outdone by framing someone for a hate crime.

          Dolezal is a horrid symptom of the societal destruction of Democrats identity politics and militant activism.

        1. In the military, they say “you’re all green”. Or at least, they used to say it, back when the military wanted to produce cohesive fighting units. Not saying they don’t now, just haven’t been in the loop for a while, so I don’t know.

    3. There is a difference between being empathic with different ethnicities and claiming to have transmuted into a different ethnicity in order to capitalize on the social capital that comes with being on a different rung on the identity politics racial superiority heirarchy.

  4. Fortunately for me, I can legitimately claim racial fluidity. During a review of a comprehensive blood panel, my doctor mentioned as an aside that I have red blood cells that are characteristic of either Native Americans, or Black Irish. Since my paternal ancestors are from Ireland, and no one in my family tree scored with a Cherokee, it’s probably the latter.

    No one knows how the Black Irish got to Ireland, but the genes match those of inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula. So I’m Black and Hispanic (Hispanic precursor[?]), in addition to being white. I’m trying my best to figure out how to exploit this with HR.

    Oh, one other thing. My paternal grandmother was German. So I’m also German-Irish, and thus suffer from the curse of my people: every payday, I get really, really drunk…then invade France.

  5. MfK, I thought the original Black Irish were the survivors who made it to shore from the Spanish Armada?
    After their encounter with Drake they sailed north east up the English channel, went around the north of Scotland and tried to go home via the Irish channel or to the west of Ireland. Lots didn’t make it. Some ended up in Ireland. Given the Irish antipathy to the English, any Armada survivors were probably welcomed in Ireland.

    1. A nice myth, but no, it isn’t so. There’s no evidence that anyone from the Armada made it to Ireland.

      1. I think the crew of one ship did, and they piled out with their rapiers. Farmers rounded them up with pitchforks (which beat rapiers) and I reckon they died or were sent home. The English pointed to this as further evidence than the rapier was absolutely useless in combat against pretty much anyone, which it is. You might as well arm yourself with a fireplace poker.

      2. Of course they didn’t. They fetched up in Wales. How else is one to explain that one of the most beautiful Latinas on the planet is named Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  6. For those who can’t get their head around the concept of fluidity in racial identity, perhaps “being Jewish” could be a stepping stone.
    Judaism is a religion, but “being Jewish” is typically an ethnicity, and the difference between ethnicity and race isn’t great, particularly if you’re interested in culture instead of genetics. When a person religiously converts to Judaism, they often start “being Jewish” ethnically as well, and that’s perfectly normal. If they don’t bother officially religiously converting, but go around “acting Jewish”, no one will be the wiser. They’ll receive the same anti-semitism that any Jew might receives. 🙂 So, there’s a case of socially acceptable ethnicity fluidity, which isn’t really so different from racial fluidity.

    1. Fluidity is a matter of degree. In order of viscosity, high to low:

      – sex
      – race
      – religion
      – political or tribal affiliation
      – emacs vs. vi

      Sex and race are both genetic (though race is the fuzzier concept). Absent really heroic genetic editing, neither can change on a whim.

      The rest are cultural, so there’s a huge viscosity chasm there, orders of magnitude.

  7. Maximilian, the brother of the Austrian Kaiser (Emperor) thought of himself as Mexican.

      1. Exactly. I believe the Nixon administration created the Hispanic ethnic designation because that simplified policy making.

        1. And, apparently rankled those who have no Spanish blood, who demanded to be called Latinos, even though that designation is similarly European in origin, but that just p—ed off the Latinas, and so on and on it goes.

  8. See also Eric Raymond just a day or two ago on the same topic.

    Viewing identity claims as testable (a rough paraphrase) makes the distinctions clearer.

    1. Having feelings over rule facts is insanity? There’s the problem. The meta-problem is allowing the insane to define anything. When, if ever, will the adults take back control?

      Bruce Jenner has the right to change his name, but not to demand I refer to him as her. I would then be guilty of fraud.

      1. As your god-king, I often ask myself the same question. It explains why you humans will forever be subservient to the Go’uld.

        If we’re going to let the inmates run the asylum, I’m claiming the coffee maker.

        The transgendered have a 40% suicide rate, and that’s not reduced by any amount of dickectomies. Them people ain’t right in the head. I don’t even think a symbiote can cure them..

  9. When I look at this gender confusion kerfluffle, I’m seeing the imprint of radical man-hating feminism, pressing gender role models into confining and uncomfortable molds. “Men” are uncivilized brutes. “Women” in “Male dominated” society are weak and victimized. Breaking away from the gender norm identities is a way to escape those molds without challenging the leftoid-feminist nonsense party line.

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