One thought on “Humans To Mars”

  1. Very disappointing to see how unserious they are about mars.

    The only positive progress in the entire thing is oxygen production on the next rover and considering nuclear power.

    The focus on ‘exploring’ sums up the problem. Exploration should be a by product. Not focusing on exploring, but on an independent colony, will actually get more exploring done.

    The highest risks are mindset and lack of focus on toxicity issues. Radiation and gravity are not real toxicity issues. They are relatively easy to deal with. Proper contamination protocols are a much more important issue.

    With the right mindset, abundant energy production becomes the primary colonization issue. With enough power most other issues are mitigated.

    A colony is going to need to be able to locate and process In Situ resources. What attempt is being made to make that possible other than the oxygen experiment? What about water processing? What about extraction of other common elements? What about locating essential elements not in the atmosphere or dust? How about food production?

    Hidden among a lot of garbage, the Mars Society has a lot of great papers on these subjects. Before writing anything more about ‘exploring’ they should demonstrate an exploration mindset and explore that archive to find the wheat from the chaff.

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