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  1. “All I have is intuition, which is a lot more than you.”

    Imagine if he were simply right (not suggest anything beyond how that would be for a person if others just thought of him as senile… and he knew they thought this.)

    I don’t believe in hero worship, but if I did, he’d be the reason.

  2. He used to call me and bend my ear quite a bit.

    I think millennials call that a #humblebrag

    1. Well, by “used to” I mean within the last couple years. It’s gone down since he moved to Florida from Beverly Hills, but I’ve known him for 35 years or so.

      1. He strikes me as having a very active mind.

        I would love to see him join the party over here at the blog.

  3. Well he’s getting old. It isn’t that surprising that he rants about people not doing what he expected them to do be doing. You know how old people are. They always want you to do all the stuff they couldn’t do when they were younger.

    1. The number of people that did what he did when he was younger would fit into a stretch limo.

      1. Yeah. But you know what. It’s never enough. I think in his mind we should have gone to Mars by now but we never did.

        1. It wouldn’t have even taken a perfect world for Buzz to have made it to mars. Just more people that understand the magnitude of lost opportunity cost. Their is a tremendous lack of vision in people that see everything as too complex for human understanding when most things are really not that difficult.

          Will we encounter challenges that we aren’t fully prepared for? Of course, when have we not? But magnitudes more has been lost to inaction than ever lost because of moving too fast. That’s why moving too fast into disaster has such impact… because it’s rare.

          Usually people muddle through their mistakes and if they pay attention learn something valuable for their future.

          That doesn’t stop the naysayers from pointing to the handful of lost colonies but those same people run right to the head of the parade when others demonstrate success.

      2. Splendidly said, sir! As I noted over at Space Review, Buzz Aldrin is entitled to a license to kill if he wants one.

        1. … Buzz Aldrin is entitled to a license to kill if he wants one.

          Many people feel the same way about Barack Obama.

  4. I’ve had occasion over the years to interact with Buzz. When Peter Diamandis had me set up the Personal (now Commercial) Spaceflight Federation back in 2006, I got a call on my cell phone one night. The guy sounded like my uncle Jim Stoltzfus, but turned out to be Buzz Aldrin, with many suggestions for the Federation. I received a few other calls from him subsequently. He doesn’t remember me now, though. But he’s just two months older than my mother, and my mother is having trouble remembering me at this point. I think he’s doing pretty damn well.

  5. Oh geez, now Keith Cowing has caught wind of this…

    To quote Malcolm Reynolds, It’s my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of ’em was one kinda sombitch or another.

    1. Mal was almost certainly right. It would certainly be true if anyone ever put up a statue of Mal Reynolds. It certainly was true in the case of Jayne Cobb.

      What Mal didn’t say, but would almost certainly agree with, is that nearly every man who didn’t ever get a statue made of em was also one kinda sombitch or another.

      Some “sombitches” just dare greatly and do great things.

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