2 thoughts on “On James Comey”

  1. This is kind of what I suspect. Unless Mr. Trump can get someone at the FBI who will be tasked with finding out what the investigators of the Clinton case actually wanted and making it public, we’ll never know.
    If they wanted to prosecute, I want the world to know that. And if Comey is right and no one took that possibility seriously, I’d like to know that too.

  2. The left is getting exposed by their lies…

    Comey is on record that Trump did not obstruct Justice.

    The left knows there is no there to the Russian innuendo.

    They are afraid of Lieberman for the FBI because unlike the rest of them, Lieberman has integruty which they lack and will expose their BS.

    Trumps greatest skill, intentional or not, is to expose hypocrits on both the left and right.

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