The Genius Of Roger Ailes

“What made Fox News so dominant for so long wasn’t just that Roger Ailes built a news network to tell just the right stories to gather a conservative audience, though he did make it a religion, but that his competitors in the news business had built theirs to drive that audience away.”

It’s often been said that he recognized a niche market that wasn’t being satisfied: half the country.

6 thoughts on “The Genius Of Roger Ailes”

  1. though he did make it a religion

    Among the left? The people who engage in idolatry over the network are not the people who watch it.

    People who watch Fox don’t think of it as the almighty word of Jeebus, that’s how lefties view their fake news outlets like the NYT, PBS, and Washington Post. Many on the right already have a god to worship and it isn’t the box on the wall linking them to the hive mind of the Democrat party.

  2. Indeed, wodun. I find that the people who are most obsessed about Fox News are the Eloi who swallow whatever the MSM gives them, and who, as far as I can tell, never actually watch Fox News.

    1. First hand evidence is for low status grunt engineer types. High status Brahmans rely upon Official Consensus which comes from #Voxplaining articles such as “Why Fox News is Evil, m’kay?”

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