The Biggest Anti-Trump Concern

What if there’s no scandal?

I have to say, though, that Trump hasn’t been helping himself in making it appear that’s the case.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The case for dumping Trump lies with his supporters.

Yup. There are many Republicans on the Hill who would love to replace Trump with Pence, but they won’t do so until they have some sense that it wouldn’t result in riots from his die-hard fans. His approval will have to get a lot lower to make it possible. Impeachment is not a legal, but political act.

[Update a while later]

It’s like waiting for Godot: When does the evidence for collusion arrive?

[Late-morning update]

Comey’s actions don’t show any evidence of Trump “obstruction.” And Kurt Schichter writes that is a coup against our right to govern ourselves.

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  1. I think the Hive is eventually going to nail him on something. The pack (if I might switch animal-kingdom metaphors for a moment) scents blood.

    1. “I think the Hive is eventually going to nail him on something.”

      I agree the Dems/left will try; personally don’t think there is a “core crime” to nail him on, at least not one committed by him. Most likely they will go with the more nebulous “obstruction of justice”. That is a lovely one from the prosecution’s point of view; nice and vague as to what it can be construed to mean. And after all impeachment is more of a political action masquerading as a legal proceeding. The trouble is if Trump succeeds in implementing enough of his agenda and the Dems try to frame the 2018 midterm congressional elections as a referendum on impeaching Trump they will IMHO lose badly on that (provided Trump has high profile successes like tax reform and especially building the wall).

    2. Its their own blood. I suspect their public esteem is plummeting fast. It’s hit rock bottom with me.

  2. The left is so used to their old media fraud tricks working that Trump has pushed them totally into insanity. Law will protect Trump from these hysterical idiots.

    The only laws that are known to have been broken are by those trying to get Trump. Not a peep from the media when laws are broken to advance the narrative.

    While you would expect Trumps favorable ratings to go down with the incessant beatings the media has given him, they haven’t gone down among the deplorables (which has become a badge of honor.)

  3. I have to say, though, that Trump hasn’t been helping himself in making it appear that’s the case.

    It doesn’t matter what Trump does. Nothing he does can stop the Democrats, and their media, from the course they have chosen.

    When they use an RT appearance by Flynn to claim Trump hired the Russians to hack the election, there is nothing they wont spin to support their narrative.

    The latest one is twisting Flynn saying to “hold off” on military action before Trump was sworn in as Flynn killing a military operation to help Turkey. We only have one President at a time, right up until the DNC media needs to have Trump making military decisions before he is even President.

    1. Allegedly, the Clintons liked to subtly fan the flames of alleged scandal to help inflame their pursuers and make them look crazy. They liked it, so some said, when people obsessed about Vince Foster or Mena Airport.

      We do know that Trump’s people believe they benefit from “fake news” media feeding frenzies.

      As for this Flynn business, it reminds me of allegations that then-private citizen George Bush somehow commandeered a CIA spy plane to delay the release of our hostages in Tehran to help Reagan defeat Carter. Wackadoodleism — with extra wack and double doodle — isn’t as new as we might wish.

  4. The Anti-Trump are not concerned whether there is really a scandal or not, or evidence or not. There concern is they just shown how easy a special counsel investigation can be opened when you don’t have a protected class President. Not all the Anti-Trumpers have the right gender, gender-fluidity, or skin color; and more importantly, many of them have real scandals with real evidence that warrant an investigation. The real concern is that if they shot their wad too early and don’t score a kill shot; the backlash will be the release of investigation flood gates against them that will bear fruit.

    By the way, once I knew Trump would win the primary contest, it was easy to align under him simply because I knew whether he Made America Great Again or not; he certainly would bring back the era of holding our politicians legally accountable. The gambit is whether or not what’s remains of the GOP will press the attack.

  5. Every day, the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) spray shit into the air hoping some of it will stick to Trump. It doesn’t matter when their previous shit gets disproved, they just keep spraying. Every day, a new OUTRAGE!!! Seriously, turning off the news was a good move.

  6. Why should I encourage those whose only goal is to make sure that the only chance we conservatives may ever get is blocked?

  7. The coup occurred a long time ago when they took over education. That we can’t have a rational debate today is all the evidence required. Then you have talking heads straight from those schools ‘educating’ the masses. Jerry Pournelle said it decades ago. “Our school system is an act of war.”

    This HAS to be fixed because nothing else matters if we don’t.

    The Never-Trumpers are another example of the same problem. They think they’re the educated elite but the deplorables have more sense. This is because, it’s not enough to evaluate someone by their faults even when egregious and obvious and on-going, etc.. It’s more important to assign the proper weights to various characteristics. You can list Trumps faults all day long, but he has one attribute that Trumps them all (that even he was not fully aware of before meeting with the crowds.) He believes in America almost as much as he believes in himself (yes, another fault…[slappin’ ya on the side of the head… Pay attention… America first Trumps everything else that might be wonderful about others.])

    I like a lot of the others (Rand often expresses my picks: Cruz, Thompson, etc. But none of them had a chance of changing America’s downward trajectory.)

    Trump may not do it either. He’s fighting EVERYBODY. The worst being those that should be supporting him. Yet he’s still making progress where it counts (Judges, regulation, immigration, soon perhaps taxes?)

    Imagine the good he could do if he had actual conservative support rather than the backstabbing weasels of every party that we expect when we elect them? With all the media attacks and illegal leaks don’t you think he would support those that support him?

    He’s human. Which means he can be guided in the right direction if people pulled their heads out of their posteriors.

    He may be impeached without cause which reminds me of the lawyers speech in the Caine Mutiny. There are very much bigger issues than flaud character.

  8. Trump budget to slash entitlements by $1.7 trillion

    I live on SSDI (Disability Insurance) which is less than 20% of what I used to live on. So why am I not concerned about a $1.7 trillion dollar cut that includes SSDI? Because during the Obama years those enrolled in SSDI bloated with people that really had no disabilities at all and just gamed the ststem. They just quit looking for work. I expect many of those to lose their SSDI status… that should get the media howling.

    1. “ken anthony

      Trump budget to slash entitlements by $1.7 trillion ”

      Let me see your Trump link and raise you one:

      “If Trump is Putin’s Manchurian Candidate why is he acting against Russia?”

      “Most people who have been paying attention know the conspiracy theory being spread by Democrats that President Donald #trump is Vladimir Putin’s Manchurian Candidate. However, as Pajamas Media suggests, something seems to have gone wrong. Trump is not working in the best interests of Russia.”

      “The process of extracting #Oil And Gas from shale formations has flooded the world markets with fossil fuels, thus depressing their price. Cheap oil and gas is of great inconvenience to Russia, which depends on the product as an export commodity. Almost as important, American liquefied natural gas is getting into the European market, breaking Russia’s monopoly. Yet, Trump seems to be encouraging rather than discouraging fracking.

      Trump is hurting Russia’s allies in the Middle East

      Putin, as a matter of course, would order Trump to align American foreign policy to Russia. He would have America support the Assad regime in Syria and continue Barack Obama’s rapprochement with Iran. Instead, Trump has launched a missile attack on a Syrian air base, has bombed Syrian allies, and has established what is in effect an Arab NATO opposed to Iran, while lavishing hundreds of billions of dollars in arms to Sunni Muslim states.
      Moreover, he had reestablished friendly relations with Israel. Trump is working to thwart Putin’s hegemony in the Middle East.”

      1. Tim, your argument only works with people that have functioning brain cells. Journalists that aren’t stupid (and there must be some) know it’s all a fraud. They had a news item where they frightened a Trump voter making her think Trump was going to take away her only income. That’s how they try to keep the money flowing to the people they avoid reporting on.

        Trump will continue to cut the enemy/lefts taxpayer funding. In time that will have an effect, but they already stolen trillions, so it may take a while to put a dent in it.

        The left is an existential threat to this country and we only have so much time to decisively deal with it.

  9. Yup. There are many Republicans on the Hill who would love to replace Trump with Pence, but they won’t do so until they have some sense that it wouldn’t result in riots from his die-hard fans.

    Why wouldn’t a coup upset people other than die hard Trump fans?

    1. “Why wouldn’t a coup upset people other than die hard Trump fans?”

      Think the idea is that if they (the Republicans) dump (impeach) Trump under what are perceived by Trump’s supporters as dubious circumstances like for instance questionable “obstruction of justice” “charges” they would retaliate against the Republican leadership by sitting home during the 2018 midterm elections. Likely handing the House leadership (& possible the Senate) to the Dems. If they do the same in 2020 the Dems would then be back in charge in Congress and the White House. Big difference between how the Republican leadership feels about Trump (intense barely concealed contempt/animosity) & the feeling of Republican/Independent rank and file (will see attitude). As for the polls indicating Trump’s approval ratings at “historic lows”, remember those same polls predicted a Hillary Clinton “landslide”, we know how well that panned out.

  10. Note that the intense barely concealed contempt isn’t because Trump is a secret democrat. He is, with some exceptions, doing more for conservatives than they could have hoped. The contempt is because he has no regard for their corrupt politics or any interest in playing their game (which is not to do what they’ve run on.)

    Many ‘conservatives’ have been helping the left’s game plan. CYA is their only principle. They voted to scrap ObamaCare numerous times when it couldn’t happen, but suddenly when they could they put on the breaks giving us ObamaCare light (an improvement that cut taxes but keeping the central flaws) so when the new plan fails they will own it.

    The left has nothing but air-biscuits, but they’ll crank ’em out ’til everyone’s eye’s are watering.

    1. Let’s play a game of “what’s in it for Trump?” He has more money than he needs for him, his children, and any grandchildren, to live comfortably for their lives. So he hardly needs the job or perks that come with it. He may be in it for the challenge. What I hope is his motive is he sees the country threatened by leftest nonsense, which unchecked would destroy his wealth faster than he could realistically spend it.

      1. Trump has never been ideologically pure. He’s been both consistent and inconsistent. On some things he’s been consistent for decades. On others he’s inconsistent in a single sentence.

        But if you don’t see what the deplorables see in the man, it would be a huge mistake to think you know what the deplorables don’t. That’s just pure elitism.

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