4 thoughts on “Mutually Assured Butthurt”

  1. After the fallout, maybe there will be a cease-fire and we’ll all agree that weaponizing outrage wasn’t a good idea. Hard to see it tho.

    Tit for tat is the only way that behavior will change. Never standing up to the bully and just trying to ignore them, will only encourage the bully.

    Iowahawk proposes attacking the outrage mob rather than treating the outrage mob as they treat others. That could work. But it can’t be one sided like the current way tolerance is used.

    1. Unilateral disarmament has never, ever been a successful strategy.

      Can you imagine the outrage if someone had done this with Obama?

      1. People lost their jobs for simply wearing an Obama mask. Funny to see the party based on outrage saying no one should be outraged by holding up the mock severed head of the President.

    2. Griffin would love it if Trump held up her severed head. Lacking taste doesn’t disqualify it as a brilliant publicity ploy.

      Let it be forgotten. Punch back hard when real crimes are committed.

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