7 thoughts on ““Fight For Space””

  1. Vague on what to fight for but most of the people in it probably have competing ideas of what to fight for. Looks like they were following Dr Livingston’s first rule of space advocacy, not to rain on other people’s parade.

  2. @wodun
    Exactly. I doubt Tyson has the same view of a space future than Rand Simberg. Heck, I doubt Tyson is even psychologically capable of understanding Rand’s ideas on the subject. As long as he is pushing in the direction of space instead of against it though, that’s enough for now.

    1. NDT was surprisingly pro-capitalism, even if he framed it as being the regrettable but most likely option to lead to success.

  3. Bring the heads of every NASA center into a room and announce: “You’ve got one week to submit a written justification for your continued existence based on result oriented goals.I expect half of you to be eliminated.”

    Then follow through. You can now double the budget of actual performers. SLS/Orion have already proven to be non-performers.

    However, that new budget isn’t all going to the internal performers. Anything the private sector can provide will get priority.

    Major achievements will be announced annually.

  4. I think we need to decide whether government should explore space.
    If government is not going to explore space [and it’s not exploring space] then we need to change law which allow clear direction of the rights of those who invest in exploring space.
    NASA is suppose to explore space and public under the delusion that NASA doing it’s best to explore space- but it’s not.
    NASA failure to explore the lunar poles is evidence that NASA seems unable to explore space.
    Exploring the lunar poles should not cost much money- it should cost 1/2 of what NASA spend building it’s non flying SLS.
    And fact that NASA doesn’t have operational depot, also another indicator of NASA’s unwillingness to explore space.
    NASA has huge problems in terms of being stupid, but main problem is unwillingness to do something related to exploration, they have mindset that there isn’t anything in space which needs to be found- unless it involves answering some trivial questions- biggest example being, is there life on Mars?

  5. guy with megaphone: What do we want?

    crowd: (unintelligible garble of thousands of voices all saying different things)

    Guy with megaphone: When do we want it?

    crowd: NOW!

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