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  1. Somebody needs to develop a mob IQ test (after thought: which is not weighted to show ‘social justice’ as a high component of intelligence.)

    Ok. Bad idea. I realize that lying/false results are in the standard bag of leftist tools.

    So go with my first impulse: cut them off. It’s time we audited govt. spending to discontinue any redistribution (which supports lefties by the billions.) The justice department has taken a first step by stopping reward payments to lefty organization (Yay Trump.) Whenever we do this the left usually finds a way to change the names and continue the programs. We need to stomp this out like the forest fire it is.

    1. There is a bill in the state legislature to cut their funding but will it pass? The Democrat apparatus in Washington is pretty corrupt, so I am doubtful.

  2. I wonder if there are any subversives there who apply postmodern deconstruction to the ideology of critical theory and identity politics.

  3. Hey it’s a free counter, charter a competing college….

    I’ll chip in $25 as a founding donor if you use my suggestion for a name…

    Cytospora [Canker] College

    1. That’s not the only problem with your suggestion. Just a few questions:

      Do you think a “Free” means the State taxing citizens to pay for education?

      Are you suggesting that if anybody has a problem with a government funded entity, they should just form their own entity? Does that mean that new entity should get equal government funding? If the new entity doesn’t get equal government funding, why should Evergreen College get government funding? If you think both should get equal government funding, do you mean to raise taxes or split the existing education funding?

      Does the new charter school allowed to encourage students to become vigilantes using real or threatened mob violence to police whatever principles they choose to have, say beat any socialist that dares step foot on campus?

      Are you not aware of private universities that do exist, don’t accept government funding, and don’t have vigilantes enforcing mob rule?

      Since these private universities already do exist, and don’t have professors encouraging students to enforce mob rule; was there actually a thoughtful point to your post, or were you just making an uninformed, perhaps uneducated, comment based on personal ignorance?

  4. Somehow I get the feeling you are not a big fan of Horace Mann? I meant free as in freedom. It would seem accreditation in Washington state is certainly no big obstacle.

  5. Rather than let the point sail past you at over 50kft I also suggest you Google Cytospora (aka canker of spruce).

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