The Giffords Assassination Attempt

Over six years later, the lie that won’t die, because it’s important to the narrative. More from Guy Benson:

The Times has added an online correction on this coruscating inaccuracy, reducing the likelihood that they’ll get sued over their libelous bilge. I obviously approve of the decision to alter this grossly inaccurate content, but the fact that their essay was approved as fit to print in the first place last evening is quite revealing. A central piece of their argument was rooted in fantastical left-wing folk lore, repeated so frequently by people who populate institutions like the New York Times editorial board that it morphed into a “fact.” The new version of the editorial still mentions Palin’s map, which is totally unconnected to anything of relevance on this subject. A bizarre non-sequitur. Their utterly wrong, unsupported implication remains intact. How about deleting the entire piece? Also, having made a change to their virtual copy under intense criticism today, will the Times showcase an apology and retraction in tomorrow’s print edition?

Don’t bet on it. Palin should sue them. This is a classic case of reckless disregard for the truth.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Cool, she may do it:

Sarah Palin indicated on Thursday that she might sue the New York Times over editorial that suggested she was in some way responsible for the 2011 shooting of then-Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords.

“Commonsense suggestion by a journalist, am talking to attorneys this [morning] and exploring options,” she said. “[By the way], wonder WHY someone would no longer be in public eye? Think constant libel & slander have anything to do with it?”

I’ve often wondered if much of her erratic behavior since her election loss was a result of all of the vile abuse she’s had to take from the media, and the Left. But I repeat myself.

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  1. It’s the gaslight media and they should be sued out of existence.

    Is her behavior erratic or is that just more gas?

    They used to not report personal details about people because everybody looks like an idiot with selective editing.

    Just the things that got passed the media filter made Obama look like a first rate idiot which is probably unfair as it is of others.

    Go, SaraCuda!

    1. Since they are practicing lawfare on the republicans in Washington, we should practice it against their main organ of propaganda.

    2. The Democrats did try and bankrupt her with frivolous lawsuits and no politician has had their family attacked the way hers was.

      There are many prominent Democrat children who engage in crime, like Biden’s, or participate in ANTIFA style violence, like Tim Kaine, who never get the Palin treatment.

  2. At the time, we and others were sharply critical of the heated political rhetoric on the right.

    Uh, what was the “heated” rhetoric? The DNC media always repeats their adjectives but never quote anything those adjectives are supposed to describe. I suspect a researcher would find that our friends to the left were using much more “heated” rhetoric at the time.

  3. Keep in mind the left has been playing the long game taking over the courts. Don’t expect the courts to be a solution in most cases (though they should be.)

    The right is guilty of giving up it’s adult responsibilities which means the fight is going to be magnitudes worse than it should have been.

    There is no guarantee it will be won.

    Knowing right from wrong is not anywhere near enough. Knowing the wrong you have to ignore so you can deal with the major wrong is closer to true. The more you let things slide, the more wrongs you can’t deal with. Vigilance must be consistent and persistent.

    For outrage to work, sometimes you must include an outrage your opponent can get on board with.

    1. I’d say there are really only two possibilities at this point:

      1. The baizuo are purged from the minimum set of institutions required for civilized society.

      2. Social and economic collapse where most of the baizuo die off.

      I don’t see any third option. The termites have eaten so deeply into the foundations of society that it can only collapse or be rebuilt. I’m hoping for the former, but I strongly suspect we’ll get the latter.

  4. …the fact that their essay was approved as fit to print in the first place last evening is quite confirming.


  5. There are comments from lefties in various places now talking about coming to demonstrations armed.

    Extremely dangerous thing to do.

    All it will take is one nutroll to fire a shot into the air and all guns will be drawn. Or one anarchist who simply wants the fighting to begin and who may not even be on a side.

      1. …And the problem is that even if the people on the right behave themselves to the highest and strictest d=standards, and the shooting starts from the left, you will see the MSM blame the Right for fomenting the violence…..

        Just as you saw it with the Baseball practice attack

        1. You know….like this:

          The Virginia Shooting Isn’t About Bernie. It’s About the Right’s Embrace of Guns.

          Peter Dreier June 16, 2017

          “Until we tame the power of the NRA, we can expect more incidents like the two that occurred on Wednesday. Such events are part of the deadly daily diet of murders throughout America committed by angry and unstable gun-toting people whose “freedom” to own weapons of mass destruction Wayne LaPierre and his political allies defend.”

          Evidently Dreier hasn’t read this article yet:

          Australia introduces illegal gun amnesty after Islamist-inspired attacks

          By Colin Packham June 15, 2017

          “”We are living in a time when our national security environment has deteriorated. Unfortunately, we have seen, through terror attacks in Australia that illegal guns have been used,” said Keenan.

          Australia’s has some of the world’s toughest gun control laws, introduced after the country’s worst mass murder, when a gunman killed 35 people at Port Arthur in the island state of Tasmania in 1996.”

          You DON’T Say!!!!!

          1. I have seen comments like, “And they think good guys with guns will stop stuff like this? There were three highly trained men with guns there and they couldn’t stop it.”

            Except that those men did stop it before a Democrat assassinated dozens of congresspeople.

    1. That event in Lexington was a peaceful, albeit armed, protest against gun control until the first shot was fired. Good students of history (which excludes most democrats) know the fallout. “Protests” involving antifa, BLM, etc., however, have hardly been peaceful.

    2. There have been protests, on the left and right, where people have come armed with guns. I think it is poor form, even if you are protesting gun control.

      A man did bring a gun to the Milo event in Seattle. He was reportedly a Milo supporter and he was running toward a scuffle when jumped by an antifa skinhead. The antifa skinhead got shot. Was it self defense? Hard to say. In Washington, a person is allowed to come to the aide of another. Also, the antifa skinhead attacked the guy with the gun. But did he see the gun and act as self defense?

      Either person could claim self defense and it was a really chaotic situation with many assaults taking place by antifa Democrats while the Democrat controlled police stood by and watched it happen. The cops even prevented people from entering buildings to reach safety.

      I think this was the day of the woman march or some other national protest day. In Seattle, the Democrats marched from several different directions so that the police couldn’t corral them. A large contingent marched into the night and joined the Milo protest at UW. A huge cheer erupted from the already gathered mob as their reinforcements arrived. Then things got even more violent.

      The Democrats didn’t have guns but they were armed with the weapons they use at all their protests, bricks, mace, staves, ect.

  6. Stephan Molyneux argues that the republicans should stop playing by the rules and use this as a means to push their agenda–Now it’s time to build that wall!, etc.

    It’s what the democrats would do. And also, if republicans are successful with this tactic, it will stop the violence on the left immediately.

    Cynical, but true.

    1. I don’t know if they need to use this to push legislation but why aren’t they pushing legislation anyway? They got elected to act on a platform of legislation. Instead its just more failure theatre.

  7. It would be good to this now, so that it would get into the news. The leftist news would have to say that she caused the shooting in the next breath have to say that they didn’t cause this weeks GOP shooting.

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