5 thoughts on “Bob Mueller”

  1. The officials who described the financial focus of the investigation spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

    The article in the wapo was short on facts but filled with innuendo about Kushner. The wapo implies that Kushner was in money trouble and a deal was struck with a Russian bank during what Kushner called a diplomatic meeting during the transition and the Russians called a business meeting.

    Diplomacy can be a person’s business. There might be some intentional linguistic slight of hand here. The readers, as always, are not presented with any source material.

    The leak came straight from the people running the “investigation”. They have access to Kushner’s finances, why wouldn’t they come out and say whether or not he took money from the Russian bank?

    Either he did or he didn’t. If he did, it looks bad for him and Trump. If he didn’t, then the special counsel and the wapo are engaging in some very unethical behavior because they know the answer but wont say. They are trying to do maximum damage. The special counsel should not be colluding with the media in this manner.

    Just like the Russian hoax, the FBI, intelligence community, and the media already know that there is nothing there. The Trump campaign was being investigated in real time since early last year. Any collusion would have been picked up as it happened and Obama would have done something. But just like Comey refused to publicly say this is a hoax, the FBI, intelligence community at large, and the media refuse to tell the truth to the American people.

  2. Draining the swamp has never been more important.

    They have nothing but innuendo.

    We are already in a civil war.

    1. Yes, I think you’re right. The civil war started years ago, but, so far, only the left have been fighting it.

      They think they’re winning, and are quite shocked that the right are beginning to realize they’re in a civil war and beginning to fight back.

  3. “Insiders need to shut up if they want the public to accept the results.”

    I suspect the insiders do not want the lefty part of the public to ever accept anything – the investigation must go on without end.

    They don’t care what the right part of the public accepts.

    1. They don’t care what the right part of the public accepts.

      The media/left has been playing puppeteer for so long, they believe their own propaganda even though they were there when they made it up. They don’t care about the right as long as they can fool enough of their own evidense-deficient followers.

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