15 thoughts on “Gwynneth Paltrow’s Latest Nuttiness”

  1. “There’s no shortage of things to be mad about in late capitalism.”

    Oh, goodie. Another case of a writer who thinks regurgitated Zinn-speak shows a sophisticated knowledge of economics.

        1. You both need to report yourselves for assuming someone’s gender. How do you know they aren’t an otherkin?

    1. I didn’t see any guys. All I saw were stickers, pretty much didn’t get past the stickers. Was there an article?

    1. I would have seen it, but I happened to be in my super-holistic isolation chamber under a heavy dose of ayahuasca. I was tripping my brains out on this DMT experience, speaking with my Gaulic ancestors and how they wished social justice had been a thing in ancient Rome. My astral self did happen to get a glimpse of Gwynneth’s aura, because of her NASA stickers and was impressed that she could really elevate her root chakra up to her crown chakra.

      But then I was distracted by the real houswives of Beverly Hills and all my enlightenment disappeared.

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