14 thoughts on “The Senate Health-Care Plan”

  1. It’s not about Trump. It’s about the congress putting something together for the people which Trump made possible by being elected and bringing with him a majority that should in theory be able to get things done.

    Trump will sign the bill. That’s his job. Writing the bill is congress’s job. You can’t blame Trump if congress isn’t up to the job.

    1. I can blame Trump if he cheers the House bill as a great legislative achievement, and then goes in and tells the Senate that the House bill is “too mean.” Because he’s an idiot. And a supporter of big government and universal health care.

      1. You can’t see the possibility that both are true? I’m having a strong deja vu here.

        Trump doesn’t do message which means he will have contradictions. Not being a polished political speaker is actually a good thing.

        Perhaps a venn diagram is in order? The statements have overlap but not total. For argument sake, “being mean might BE the great achievement!”

        Why do dems call repubs mean? Because it’s easy to paint the right thing as mean. They do it constantly. Trump does it too (because he’s really a democrat or because he goes along with some of the narrative. Better conservatives do that as well.) I don’t like it. You think it makes him an idiot. But what it really means is Trump has a feel for the media.

        I believe in conservative ideals, but not in conservatives that are so ‘principled’ they can’t see where they fail.

        Nobody is claiming Trump is ideal. That’s the trees (or the weeds.) The forest is where the battle is. Calling Trump an idiot con man is beating a dead horse and not a good use of the abilities I really respect about you. You’re being distracted from what’s really important.

        When it doesn’t matter, I’ll join you in bashing Trump. He is a buffoon, but he’s our buffoon.

    2. He could veto a bill he doesn’t like but Trump isn’t a conservative standard bearer. Congress does deserve a lot of the blame because they are the ones writing the bill and the ones that campaigned for so long to get rid of Obamacare.

  2. Just read an American Thinker Blog on this deal. Perhaps this is the case:

    If the GOP congress tries to eradicate Obamacare instantaneously, they will suffer the consequences of the disruption sure to occur. Maybe the disruption will be over by 2018 – maybe not.

    If they try to fix Obamacare they will own it.

    Would it not be better to eliminate the structural support for Obamacare – heavy taxes and mandates for example – and let the thing collapse under it’s own weight?

    At the same time you can install pinpoint fixes to the system in general – cross state insurance, tort reform, Medicaid fixes etc. to provide the safety net when Obamacare collapses.

    Perhaps this is the Plan.

  3. Conservatives should have gotten out in front of this issue when they had the chance. They could have built on the success of Medicare Part D, which introduced market based reforms into the mix. Instead, they whined that it cost too much. So, they got saddled with Obama instead, which cost a helluva lot more.

    1. And the Libs could have gotten their foot in the door by adopting some limited inroads into healthcare, but instead insisted upon a takeover and remaking of the whole thing. So, they got saddled with Trump instead, which will change a helluva lot more.

  4. Did I miss the point of the presidential election and other races where Republicans won? Wasn’t the point to repeal Obamacare, not replace it?

    1. They can’t predict what a free market will do to lower costs while developing new treatments for everyone. They fear the unknown.

      1. The GOP doesn’t need a supermajority, but they do need enough votes in the Senate to make the marginal votes (people like Susan Collins, etc.) irrelevant. It should be interesting to see what the results of 2018 bring to them.

    2. I have, ever since Super Tuesday of 2016, arguing that such is indeed missing the point. Mr. Trump campaigned on and won on a kindler, gentler version of Obamacare. Senator “I can hold it for 24 hours to protest the Affordable Care Act” Cruz lost.

      TEA Party/Libertarian is but one faction making up the Trump Coalition, and the Libertarian purity of the TEA Party varies. A big faction of the Trump Coalition was in recruiting voters were against public bathrooms restricted to male-to-female transgendered persons who entered the U.S. without a visa from Guatemala, in other words, the madness of the modern Democratic Party. A lot of the new Republicans, like Trump, would be Democrats for rather liking aspects of the Welfare State, especially the broad-based non means-tested ones like Social Security and Medicare .

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