5 thoughts on “A Deep Mystery”

  1. Yikes! Not only would I NOT screw the clowns pictured, I’d break world records running screaming in the other direction.

    1. They identify as womyn, Barbara, hence you should not find them attractive, unless you’re gay.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  2. It is the perfect retort to the SJW crowd that thinks they are ubermensch. You are a bigot if you don’t put out for trans on demand.

    Their whole ideology is not about what individuals find attractive but what the group demands you find attractive. Well, this is what they want for society but not necessarily for themselves. The rules are only meant to be applied to the other.

  3. As I recently told my grandson: there are boys, and there are girls, and everyone else is confused. Little did I realize how confused some might be.

  4. “What they need is to be found deeply, undeniably f*ckable.”
    But they are deeply, undeniably UNf*ckable, and nothing is going to change that.

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