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    1. Mann will now make the Rather stupid ‘fake but true’ defense and the media will support it/ Wow! This level of fraud deserves prison time.

      People got upset at the war of the worlds broadcast for the same reason: context.

      The declaration was incendiary because it was supposed to be

  1. More proof that climate science isn’t science revealed in their own quote:

    “Such calls for special teams of investigators are not about honest scientific debate. They are dangerous attempts to elevate the status of minority opinions, and to undercut the legitimacy, objectivity and transparency of existing climate science.”

    Science is all about skeptic minority opinion and consensus is a completely invalid science argument.

  2. This actually doesn’t say anything about our education system. Be skeptical when you read an article that doesn’t show the source material. You have to drill down to the Gizmodo article and then click on tweets that had quoted what they were responding to get to the real story.

    The real story is that Twitter sucks. NPR sent out how many tweets to get the Declaration of Independence out? They did it line by line. Now, ask yourself, “How many of those tweets will any Twitter user see?”

    I am going to take a stab at one to three. So, people get tweets out of context. Looking at the tweets people responded too, you can understand the reaction.

    The outrage brigade didn’t read those tweets in order either. They got a tweet with a quote and snarky insult linked and the herd just glommed on. Gizmodo knows this and so does anyone who follows more than 3 people on Twitter.

    But Gizmodo went fishing. How many tweets did they find? 7? How many of them actually comment on any specific NPR tweet? 1? I bet NPR gets “I hope you get defunded” replies on every single tweet they make.

    One of the tweeters quoted has exactly one tweet. Was the account created by a Gizmodo employee just to troll their readers? We will never know. But why not include the tweet from the fake account anyway?

    The Gizmodo article and the people who copy/pasted it engaged in textbook manufacturing a story where the facts show something different than what the article claims. It is fake news.

    Then at the end, after virtue signalling about how important it is to be patriotic, the journolist makes fun of other people celebrating the 4th.

    But I guess that is where we are at as a country. The “smart” people to dumb to think critically and a journolist class that just makes things up.

    1. It may be that this is fake news, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising. I’m sure you couldn’t get a majority of Americans to sign the Bill of Rights.

      1. I just wish Twitter fixed its UI so that this common problem didn’t have to happen. I am guessing the people who work at Twitter don’t actually use it unless on a third party platform.

        Twitchy is also great at this, Gizmodo isn’t alone. It can be good humor but it really isn’t helpful in most cases.

        A majority might not sign onto the Bill of Rights but I’d wager many of those who wouldn’t belong to Gizmodo’s audience and they would probably like to do away with capitalism too. Leftists lecturing others about how great the constitution is always rings hollow.

      2. Many of the founders were against the bill of rights for good reason; reason that has proved true today.

        Rights are innumerable. This should be civics lesson number one.

        It’s impossible to list our rights. A judge that doesn’t protect these unlisted rights is not qualified to be a judge (or a media commentator for that matter.)

  3. The same reaction happened back in 1976 on the bicentennial. Some libraries and other organizations asked people to sign the text of the Declaration only to be called radical subversives.

  4. And then there was that movie where Nicolas Cage was a G-man WMD nerd who drove a Volvo and kept his service weapon in his sock drawer, to whom Ed Harris playing a right-wing nut-job bad guy gave “The Tree of Liberty” speech.

    I guess the bad guy in the movie was quoting Thomas Jefferson, but quoting Jefferson makes anyone sound like right-wing nut-job bad guy.

      1. Mr. Weder:

        Socialist bias?

        Next time you have any interaction with a Federal employee or contractor, start a conversation by saying something like, “it was once said the that Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I am certain that person will give you this startled look, and just before reaching for their waistband say, “Oh, you had me there for a moment. Thomas Jefferson, right? You’re quoting Jefferson, right?”

    1. Today the founding fathers would all be locked up in padded cells.

      We are not an educated people.

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