The Leftist Freak Out Over Trump’s Speech

Why yes, yes they do hate Western civilization:

So, for Jamelle Bouie, a Westerner asserting the value of Western civilization is barely-veiled racism? If that’s true, then the term “racism” is meaningless. In fact, it’s worse than meaningless: it’s dangerous. If you tell people that to love and to want to defend the culture of the West is a racist act, then they will cease to care about your judgment on the matter, because you are requiring them to hate themselves as an act of virtue. In that regard, Jamelle Bouie’s sentiment here is a much greater gift to the racist alt-right than anything Donald Trump said in Warsaw.

I mean, really, how ignorant and provincial do you have to be, Messrs. Beinart and Bouie, to hear Trump’s speech and think of it as a #MAGA version of a Nuremberg Rally Address? Is the degree of self-hatred of the West required to be a virtuous, woke person such that you cannot tell the difference between Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus and the Horst Wessel Song? Do they really think Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation (all of which is available on YouTube, starting here) is a plummy version of Triumph of the Will? If standing against this kind of liberal insanity means I have to stand with Donald Trump, well, okay, I’ll stand with Donald Trump. I won’t like it, but at least Donald Trump doesn’t hate his own civilization.

It’s why they find common cause with Islamists. Also (as usual), want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.

[Mid-afternoon update]

Jonah Goldberg: In defense of western civilization.

[Saturday-morning update]

Trump defends the West, and the Left cries foul. They’re really showing their colors. So to speak.

[Update a few minutes later]

Some of the critics of Trump’s speech in Poland reject the idea of the greatness of Western Civilization. You don’t say.

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  1. I remember the lefties in college getting freaked out by “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Now those lefties are journalists.

  2. This sentence contains an unnecessary conditional:

    If that’s true, then the term “racism” is meaningless.

    The term “racism” has been meaningless at least since January 20, 2009, and likely a good deal longer.

  3. Leftists hate free speech. Unless it’s free speech they agree with. It’s kind of their thing.

  4. The left doesn’t like being reminded of Poland’s past and they are also white so being historical victims of the left and skin color is a double whammy.

    The whole hatred of western civilization this is strange but it has been taught in colleges for decades now. Critical Theory, Postmodernism, and Deconstruction have all been widely taught. It brings forth some strange ignorance.

    The Aztec were more noble than the Spanish. The Inquisition was worse than mountains of skulls. The offspring of Spanish colonists are more noble than the USA. The Muslims who conquered the Middle East and reigned in terror for over 1000 years are the victims. Black slavers from Africa are victims. White people were never slaves.

    Its just an endless list of facts that don’t support the progressive world view that the USA and Western Civilization are not the best things that ever happened to the world’s human population and are really uniquely evil. Western Civilization has done so much to raise humans up from misery but to our friends to the left, it is the cause of all misery.

    1. There just isn’t enough misery in the world to satisfy the Left, and it’s all Western Civilization’s fault.

    2. Yeah I think it was a good thing to take down the Aztecs. But, the Inca, I have a difference of opinion here.

      1. It used to be that the sin of the Spanish was the destruction of artifacts because we couldn’t learn more about these past cultures. What would these empires look like today if they had continued to exist but also continued to interact with people from Europe and the rest of the world?

  5. The enemies of Western civilization have just been served notice.
    “The last knight of Christendom, Donald Trump of America takes his weapons from the wall”.
    Apologies to G.K Chesterton’s “Lepanto”.

  6. Unrelated, except the part about saving Western civilization.

    Gateway Pundit: Scientist Michael Mann commits contempt of court in climate science trial of the century.

    Now, Dr. Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann committed contempt of court in what is being dubbed the “climate science trial of the century”. Dr. Mann defied the judge presiding over the case and refused to surrender his data for “open court examination”.

    Principia Scientific noted the following:

    “Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S.”

    79-year-old Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball is the defendant in the libel trial and is expected to tell his attorneys to “trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud”.

    I don’t know if anyone here follows the Mann lawsuit *cough*, but I found that kind of interesting. 🙂

    1. I posted something similar the other day. I get the feeling Rand has been advised by the lawyers to not comment on Mann’s other trials.

    2. It is interesting that Mann’s legal team pulled a dick move on the court, abusing court procedure like abusing they did the legal system in general.

  7. The left has shredded any bit of credibility they ever had. Except for marginalizing and defunding them, they should be ignored. They have hated America and western values for longer than I’ve been alive. I saw it in up close in NYC 40 years ago. It’s a disease.

    Ignored is not quite right. Their ideas should be, but they themselves should not have a job with any more responsibility than dishwasher (and that’s actually above their responsibility level.)

    BTW, a job is not a right. Food is not a right. If they can’t find employment they should starve. I am not joking.

    They are outraged if you question their patriotism (when there is no question. They are enemies of the people.)

    They are the equal or worse than Islam. Cut from the same cloth.

    We are at war for our survival. The only outcome we can accept is we win. They lose. Honest debate is not their mission.

    They can keep their micro-aggressions. I choose macro-aggression.

    1. YOU absolutely right Ken Any Human being with out a JOB should Have no food. We should punish any human being for giving food to another that doesn’t have a means of affording it. Altruism is a cancer that needs to be cut out. It the only way to stop the left in it tracks, I give it 50-80 years till they won’t be a problem anymore.

      1. Hey, kids! Ever hear of the Straw Man Argument and wonder what it is? See the work of “Engineer” above!

        Next lesson: the Argument from Pity, another favorite of the “liberal” Hive!*

        *And remember, kids, by “liberal” I mean “tax-happy, coercion-addicted, power-tripping State fellator!”

        1. Dunno Billick my straw man has more wood in it than the one you made.
          “BTW, a job is not a right. Food is not a right. If they can’t find employment they should starve. I am not joking.
          Is a far cry from Job is not a right , food is not a right, Others should not be coerced to give them either. If they starve then they starve.

          Now maybe that what Ken meant, but words have meaning and in English that not what he said. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so provocative or edgy has Ken was looking for.

          Now I did take liberties with the should , that it be enforced. But without enforcement there is no way of fulfilling our “obligation” or “duty” that the jobless starve.

          1. Engineer my words have meaning but so do the words I leave out. Nobody is going to starve (no matter how deserving.)

            This is why family is the most important cultural unit and why the left is constantly attacking it.

            It appears you agree with me that job and food are not rights. If so, what do you conclude?

      2. Altruism is a cancer that needs to be cut out. It the only way to stop the left in it tracks, I give it 50-80 years till they won’t be a problem anymore.

        Your name is engineer, perhaps you are one. Presumably you are concerned with things working as they are intended.

        Altruism can be damaging. Good intentions don’t always lead to good outcomes. In order to be truly concerned with the welfare of others, you have to look at the outcomes of your actions. This means getting rid of programs that haven’t done what they set out to do or cause even larger problems, even if they make you feel like you are helping.

    2. Yeah, all that superman stuff is great, until you have a loved one slip up and need support, or you yourself get injured and find you can no longer do what you used to.

      If life is only about survival of the fittest, and being a cog in the machine like a bunch of ants, then it’s really not a very appealing thing.

  8. BTW, a job is not a right. Food is not a right. If they can’t find employment they should starve. I am not joking.

    Affirmative action also needs to be abolished, in all its forms. I’m not joking either.

    1. AA has morphed from helping specific people who were harmed into creating racist hierarchy of governance and employment. Collective punishment of ethnic groups used to be a bad thing but white Democrats will always find a way to get a pass and if they can’t, they will just claim to really be another race.

  9. Does anyone really believe that Trump is, in his heart, a champion of tolerance, open-mindedness, democratic norms, family values, Judeo-Christian precepts, and natural rights?

    Yes I do (as far as he understands them.) He has been espousing those values for half a century.

    Tolerance requires intolerance (that should get the knees jerking.)

    While some of his quips are juvenile just open your eyes and look and you will see family values not just in his family but in how well they turned out. That’s on him. He has every right to be a proud father.

    Find me two people that agree on what Judeo-Christian precepts are. They’ll be in the same ballpark, but they will not agree.

    Find me one person that is consistent on natural rights.

    In his heart, Trump believes in western values but not as an ideologue. People would never try to hold themselves to the same purity of thought standard they demand of Trump (which is silly because it’s never gonna happen..)

  10. Trump gave a great speech. And I have a sudden urge to do a Lego ™ remake of “Triumph of the Will”.

    1. You should listen to the parts were he talked about the Holocaust and invasions of Poland. It might make you rethink your Trump=Hitler meme.

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