7 thoughts on “So Much For That Narrative”

  1. “I hate saying that because misogynists seem to love this fact,” he added. “Fantasy life isn’t always politically correct.”

    These unpeople aren’t the monsters we say they are and I feel absolutely crushed that I have to admit this. But to be politically correct, we should continue treating them as unpersons.


    Porn is probably easier to analyze than books but I suspect a survey of Romance novels would lead to a similar conclusion.

    1. The popular “bodice ripper” subgenre of romance novels got its name because the male character is forcibly undressing the female.

      Earth girls are weird.

  2. Obviously those porn-watching women are suffering from false consciousness (meaning: they don’t agree with the dogma). This is a wonderful mechanism for disregarding disagreement.

  3. India consumes more adult breastfeeding pornography than any other country? A) I didn’t know that was a genre, and I’m…uh….reasonably well-educated in the genres, and B) I wonder what turns Indians on about breastfeeding versus everybody else in the world. What consenting adults do is none of my business…but people are weird, man.

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