The Sarah Palin Smear

Was the New York Times sloppy, malicious, or careless? I think they were reckless. I won’t discuss the interesting parallels to my own legal case.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I like this comment:

Any settlement must include an apology printed on the front page of the Sunday Times, in large, boldface font, above the fold, including the statement: “The New York Times hereby acknowledges that the editorial was written by dishonest, ignorant, malicious idiots who perfectly represent the quality and tenor of this publication in general.”

If I were her, that’s what I’d demand.

11 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin Smear”

  1. Ironic that were the right the NAZIs the NYTs keeps smearing them as they wouldn’t be allowed to exist. Goebbels would be envious.

  2. And those “dishonest, ignorant, malicious idiots” must be named, and not late in the article like they do when they are forced to identify some corrupt and/or convicted politician as a Democrat.

  3. Coverage I’ve seen of this says the monetary amount being requested for damages is “unspecified.” I hope its out-and-out Gawker-esque. The left has been conducting unrestricted lawfare against the right in this country for decades. It’s time, and past time, we gave them some of their own back good and hard.

    And Ms. Palin and her family can always use another eight or nine figures of F–K You money.

  4. The Left utterly destroyed Sarah Palin. Not wholly unlike what they did to Dan Quayle, except Palin never even had a “potatoe” moment. Only her doppelganger Tina Fey did. But, people still think she said “I can see Russia from my house.”

  5. It certainly wasn’t an honest mistake, otherwise they would have issued an actual correction and apologized. They couldn’t quite bring themselves to do that. As the link points out, there is no evidence to back up their claim. Which means their defense could rest on making a dishonest mistake.

    They believed the smears spread by the Democrat party without bothering to check behind the blood libel propaganda.

    I don’t know what her chances are as a public person or in a NY court but I hope she wins.

    1. I lean towards the major media DELIBERATELY disregarding the facts. Which in a moral world would be worth some punitive multiple on actual damages.

  6. I’ll never forget the VP debate in ’08. She absolutely murdered Smilin’ Joe Biden. It was no contest. All Biden had were a bunch of glib factoids he spun off, many of which didn’t even have a grain of truth.

    I mean, the French kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, Joe? The French?!!! Hezbollah was kicked out of its own country?!!! By the French?!!! What are you on?

    The headlines the next day were just surreal. “Biden Demolishes Palin with Easy Command of Facts”. What???

    Our real problem is that the public are being informed by effing journalism majors, who don’t know their a***s from a hole in the ground. The blind leading the blind…

  7. I’ve always had a lot of time for the lady from Alaska. Smart, tough, hard working, loyal and lives by the values she espouses.
    Respect, Sarah.

    1. Mario Bartiromo, a rather smart lady herself working for CNN at the time, could not help expressing her astonishment that the media portrayed Sarah Palin as stupid since she’d done interviews with her before any knew of her.

      So many people have so little understanding of what intelligence is, which goes way beyond speaking style.

      I never saw audiences respond the way they did to Sarah. People get it. The media has had plenty of time to perfect their lying ways which is their chief motivation for more less informed voters.

      Ironic that people can’t see the intelligence of some because they look in the wrong place… not at their inability to express their knowledge but the fact that their knowledge itself is right on target.

      I certainly wish I were a better communicator.

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