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I upgraded to 26 overnight, and now I’m missing a (critical) font in Libre Office: Bitstream Charter. I have a huge document that was paginated and properly formatted in it, and now it’s Arial and all effed up. Anyone have any idea what might have happened, and how to fix?

[Friday-morning update]

OK, I went to the Fedora Forum, and they said to reinstall the font, so it works now, except the formatting got munged, so I have to go back and remove extraneous returns that got inserted under the Arial version.

As for the question of why did I “fix something that wasn’t broken,” Fedora is always broken to some degree (as is every OS), and I alway hope the latest version will fix some of the broken things.

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        1. I’m running a different Linux that has a new version out, so I’m interested in the question. If you post it, I will read.

          1. FWIW, the only reason I run the version upgrade on xubuntu is to avoid the repository going stale when support times out. I stick to the Long Term Support versions, which are on a 2 year cycle.

        2. In a sense yes. Commercial operations pay good money to stay off the Fedora “forever beta” tree. Instead staying on the longer lived Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distros…. If you prefer the pricing of Fedora, well there’s also CentOS Linux which are RHEL distro’s w/o the upgrades or support.

          But maybe you prefer to be bleeding edge? To each their own…

    1. Well Linux is on the server, the palmtop, and on IoT devices. So the desktop is one of the few things left I guess.

      I use LibreOffice on Windows as well.

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