7 thoughts on “The New Honda Accord”

  1. Yeah, car models seem to get bigger through the years. We have an Accord–I call it the fat car. It’s a decade old or so; we were told when we bought it that it was one of around three manuals of that model in California.

    1. We bought one in ’94 and I thought it was too big. Plus we couldn’t get a stick shift in it unless we were willing to settle for a four banger. That’s why I thought it was exciting that Honda was actually willing to mate a real gearbox with their big engine.

    2. Yeah, car models seem to get bigger through the years.

      I was just thinking that about the Tundra. It used to be a very reasonable size; now it’s a monster truck.

  2. We had a 2004 Pilot and 2010 Accord Coupe. Getting the 7 passenger Pilot into the garage was rather easy. The Accord Coupe barely fit. The extra body molding, which really didn’t do much for performance either high power or low drag, just made it bigger than the already unnecessarily long wheel base.

    Rand, if at all interested, I would highly recommend the Civic Si Coupe for both the manual transmission and the 3 door snug feel. You even get decent gas mileage. As the latest design was just released 9 months ago; it should also hold resale value. That’s quite a bit of fun for under $25,000.

  3. I thought Trump was going to pull us out of the Honda Accord, since the Senate never ratified it.

  4. I’ve got an ’88 LSi in the driveway. I love the thing; 265k miles, still runs great, pop-up headlights still work. That 3rd-gen Accord was magic.

  5. The Honda Civic is the new Accord; the Honda Fit is the new Civic.

    There is no such thing as a compact pickup truck anymore. The Chevy Colorado is the size of an S-10. The S-10 is the size of my house.

    I had a 1994 Ford Taurus SHO that I absolutely loved. The current Taurus is a full foot longer, five inches wider, and and seven inches taller. It’s bigger than the 1994 Lincoln Continental.

    And the original Mini Cooper could fit INSIDE the current “Mini.”


    Sadly, I’ve come to the unpleasant knowledge late in life that garages come in sizes… and our new (to us… 1996 vintage) house was built with size Small. We’ve knocked both side mirrors off my wife’s Chevy Volt in four months. And the Volt is far from the biggest car Chevy makes.

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