The Imran Awan Case

It needs a special counsel a thousand times more than Russiagate:

There are a lot of shoelaces to be tied up here. Among them:

Why did Debbie Wasserman Schultz keep this man in her employ right up until he was arrested Tuesday night when he has been under suspicion for months. Does he have something on her or other people?

Why did Nancy Pelosi lie when she said she never heard of Awan? Email revealed by Wikileaks says Awan had access to Pelosi’s iPad. (Wiklileaks has never been shown to be inaccurate.)

What is on the smashed hard drives Awan is trying to retrieve from the FBI? (Oh, those Democrats and their hard drives.)

Why is Awan suddenly being legally represented at the highest level by Clinton ultra-loyalist Chris Gowan — a fact-checker for Bill Clinton’s memoir of all things? (They are already using the same right-wing conspiracy baloney they used in the Lewinski case.) Does this make sense if Awan’s just a low-life fraudster? Why not let him dangle?

Just what is the relationship, if any, between the Awan case and the unsolved Seth Rich murder? Is it entirely an accident that Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother Steven is accused of blocking the investigation? Denials from Debbie aren’t worth much anymore.

Where did the Wikileaks come from anyway? Was it really Russia?

Funny thing, though, the alphabet news organizations don’t even seem to think this is a story.

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More links from Glenn.

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Understanding the Awan connection:

Hezbollah aside, the danger posed by scandal-plagued, debt-ridden IT professionals on Capitol Hill is obvious, especially when (1) they have access to national security information and (2), if I may say so, when they are connected to Pakistan. It’s impossible not to wonder who may have received data the Awans had access to, especially given Pakistan’s history of collaborating with a various foreign countries and entities — including both friends and foes of America.

Finally, according to Raisley, Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password. This probably means the brothers had direct access to DNC emails. Might they have sold them to Russians? Might they have sold them to non-Russians?

Clearly, I’ve entered the realm of speculation. But if the mainstream media is going to speculate endlessly about President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, shouldn’t it also be speculating about the Awan connection? And if Trump is to be investigated endlessly by the government, shouldn’t the Awan connection be investigated, as well?

So what’s keeping Sessions from assigning a special prosecutor? He hasn’t recused himself from this.

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Total MSNBC and CNN blackout of the story continues.

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This is about a lot more than bank fraud. As Mark Steyn says, want to see real collusion with a hostile power? Because this is what it looks like. And just how bad is the rot at the FBI that they let all this go on for so long?


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Roger Simon reviews all of the scandals:

Quite a litany, huh? Are all six connected? It’s hard to say at this time. Maybe all are or none are. I would imagine it’s some, if not all. But they’re all connected morally — plus beneath all this are the endless leaks, which I suppose could constitute a scandal of their own.

Now let’s play that game from Sesame Street — “One of these things is not like the others.” Yes, you got it. It’s number one. In that case, Republicans are under suspicion. In the other five, it’s the Democrats. And yet the only one under official investigation by Robert Mueller and crew is one. Something rotten in the state of…? You bet!

Yup. If Republicans were smart, they’d be screaming for investigation into all of this, beyond what Jim Jordan and a few others have been doing. But if Republican were smart, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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Let’s investigate all the scandals:

The House Republicans identify no fewer than 14 additional scandals or potential scandals that they want investigated by a second special counsel, Robert Mueller having shown himself to be a tool of the Democratic Party (my characterization, not theirs).

…At a time when the corruption of the Democratic Party stinks to high heaven, it is absurd that the “investigation” garnering nearly all the headlines relates to something that didn’t happen. It is time to fight fire with fire.

The House Republicans addressed their letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Sessions may or may not have been correct in recusing himself with regard to the investigation into the Trump campaign, but he certainly has no need to defer with regard to the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the fourteen additional subjects raised by the House Judiciary Committee members. He should appoint one or more additional special counsels to go after the Democrats. They should all be loyal Republican attack dogs. And when the dust has settled, the special counsel law should be repealed.

The Democrats have gotten away with (in some cases, literally) murder for decades, thanks to the Democrat operatives with bylines in the media.

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Yes, Congress can, and should censure Debbie Wasserman Schultz. At a minimum.

18 thoughts on “The Imran Awan Case”

  1. Why is a special counsel needed here? Is the President somehow wrapped up in this as well? If not, if there are no conflicts of interest, then it can be handled by the normal mechanisms of the Justice Department; no special counsel required.

      1. Being gun shy, I wonder why the left isn’t opposing Wray more? With his background in corporate investigation, it would seem he’s just the guy to investigate the Hillary crime syndicate?

    1. That the DOJ hasn’t done anything yet points to the need for an independent investigation. The potential harm to the country here outweighs political actors at the DOJ trying to keep their dirty laundry from being exposed.

  2. Once they start pulling these threads the entire structure of this criminal conspiracy should come apart. LOCK HER/THEM UP!

    The AG and FBI need to be effective patriotic Americans. Anything less should not be tolerated an instant longer.

  3. I dropped cable TV months ago. It’s saving me a fortune. I don’t miss it. I do plan to by an OTA-DVR with Internet streaming capabilities, to get back my Sunday morning talking head shows, and occasional football game, all available using the TV antenna that came with the house. The Internet stream will take care of baseball and the missing documentaries on the big screen monitor. (Note: monitor aka display Rand, not TV).

    The talking heads are my limit on how much propaganda, indoctrination and other outright lies I can stomach.

  4. I’m skeptical about a link with Hezbolla. Assuming that Awan is a Sunni from Pakistan, that would put Hezbolla on the wrong side of the Sunni/Shia divide.

    OTOH, if he is Shia that makes a lot of possible links to both Hezbolla and Iran possible. That could shine a different light on the Iranian nuclear deal.

    1. Except we have heard the Sunni/Shia never work together excuse before and it has been repeatedly debunked by reality. The two groups certainly hate each other but also frequently work with each other too.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if 1-3 are related. 5 and 6 are their own scandal. 4? Who knows. That is such a huge security breach that it shouldn’t be ignored.

    That the Democrats paid Fusion, who got their dirt from the Kremlin and lobbied on behalf of the Kremlin, and possibly used the pee pee dossier to justify spying on the Trump campaign is a lot of fire compared to the wispy smoke used to justify Trump colluding with Russia to hack the DNC and Podesta.

    Russia certainly could have obtained DNC and Podesta emails but no one has released the evidence and it doesn’t mean Trump had anything to do with it. Overtly helping the Democrats while also stabbing them in the back is just the type of thing Putin did to Obama and Obama still did everything Putin wanted. Hillary wouldn’t have been any different. Democrats have been useful idiots for decades.

  6. “Where did the Wikileaks come from anyway? Was it really Russia?”
    This is the question the current special prosecutor should be answering first. If it wasn’t Russia, then the whole Russian-collusion theory falls completely apart. What instead emerges is a widespread incompetence within and leaks coming from inside the US government and the DNC.

    My gut tells me that the source of the DNC emails for Wikileaks was not a hack, but an inside job. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the source turned out to be Seth Rich. Proof would probably require the FBI going over all the DNC servers and piecing together and reading some hard drives smashed by Awan.

    1. It will be cosmically funny if the FBI will be able to rehabilitate those hard drives enough to get data from but couldn’t do anything about Hillary’s or the IRS’s missing emails.

  7. The Democrats have gotten away with (in some cases, literally) murder for decades…

    Can you list some “literally” cases? By “the Democrats” I assume you mean the Democratic leadership not just some (likely) Democratic voter. I also presume you mean actual evidence that there was a murder committed and the Democratic leadership was implicated, not merely that someone died and that the death was convenient for the Democrats.

    1. Among others, I’m fairly confident that Vince Foster didn’t murder Vince Foster, and that whoever did wasn’t a Republican. And when a death is convenient, it’s not an unreasonable assumption that it’s not coincidence.

    2. Can you list some cases?

      Listing cases means nothing. You can search court records yourself.

      I’m not going to play your game Jim. You well know proof and literal truth are two different things. Just with the Clintons you’ve got over a hundred suspicious ‘suicides’ and coincidental criminal activities (or they’re just the most unlucky people on the planet.) You’ve also got people that worked for the Clintons claiming they were involved in the crimes.

      Then you’ve got DWS implicated in several recent murders.

      The crime isn’t even the murders. The crime is that law enforcement can’t convict when the evidence isn’t even hidden.

      How did Foster shoot himself with two different caliber of guns?

      I’m simple exercising my right to assert what many people also realize whether it can be proved or not. The reason I won’t play your game is any proof I offer, you will simply claim it’s an exception and proves nothing.

    3. Sure, here’s a literal case. Henry Marshall was shot to death on his farm, with a bolt action .22 caliber rifle. He had five bullet wounds to the chest. The cause of death originally put on his death certificate was “suicide.” I knew about this even before Billy Sol Estes testified that Lyndon Johnson ordered the hit. I have no problem at all believing Estes, or believing that Malcolm Wallace was the hit man. He had publicly shot to death his wife’s illicit lover in the clubhouse of a golf course, for gosh sakes.

      The media that have been part of all of this cover-up will do anything in their power to bury the truth, because the truth would reveal their fundamental lack of honesty and credibility – and there goes the entire business model.

  8. …I’m fairly confident that Vince Foster didn’t murder Vince Foster…

    Fine. But why are you “fairly confident”? A half dozen or so investigations have ruled his death a suicide. Where did they all go wrong?

    1. Right from the beginning, when evidence was destroyed by the Park Police, chain of custody was lost, and then Ken Starr, who was an incompetent boob, came in. Starr was the best thing to happen to the Clintons. That job needed a seasoned prosecutor with RICO experience, not a judge. Miguel Rodriquez resigned over it. Go read the Knowlton appendix, that the court ordered Starr to include in his report against his will.

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