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  1. Bad as that is, we can’t lose sight that the worst legacy of Obama is the entrenchment of the deep state. A state that makes the rules to defend itself from any straight forward attack.

    We could hand out nuclear bombs to all our enemies like candy and it would not be more destructive to America than that.

    Getting good people in the lower courts is now a primary objective.

  2. Can you honestly say that his predecessors did better at this? Iran got its nuclear reactors and centrifuges before Obama was president. The program is ongoing and I know that under Obama there were targeted assassinations on scientists and a cyber attack on the centrifuges which is claimed to be Israeli in origin. So something was done about it. In fact everything short of actually going in and bombing the place.

    AFAIK other than the reactors every other Iranian facility is below ground in the mountains so you would need deep penetrators to bomb it. Have you noticed the DoE has been working on the B61 bomb upgrade to Mod 12 which Obama continued despite Congress’s attempts to kill it? From what I heard it’s the only weapon in the US arsenal, other than a modified Minuteman (which the Russians oppose for use as a tactical weapon), which can target those bunkers. So what did you expect? A flash in the pan mission that would bomb the surface and let the facilities intact?

    Also the instant there were economic sanctions put in place with Russia after their invasion of Ukraine do you really think they wouldn’t resume sales to Iran of military technology? Something Russia refrained to do for a long time to ensure access to world markets?

    1. Can you honestly say that his predecessors did better at this?

      No, they all failed. But he seemed to do so more deliberately. Probably because Valerie Jarrett.

      1. Well, the line in 2008 was, “Why shouldn’t Iran have their own nuclear weapons just like us? Its none of our business.”

        I never thought neglect would transition into actively helping them get the bomb

        1. Why should Iran be denied a right to acquire nuclear weapons? Because they deny the Right of Israel to exist as a peaceful neighbor. As if that were not enough, I don’t believe their ambitions would stop with Israel if they had the means.

          1. Thing is, is Israel a peaceful neighbor? It surely did not start as one and their land grabs haven’t ended yet either. So how many countries has Iran invaded? Other than Iraq who actually started the damned war in the first place. They sponsor international terrorism but they are hardly the only Muslim country that does it.

          2. Also when you consider the state terrorism that Israel itself does, mostly with its Mossad agents, I wouldn’t say that Israel does less international terrorism than Iran either. Israel has murdered people in the West more than once.

    2. Yes, Obama continued Bush programs for a time but just when they started to bear fruit, Obama cancelled them and gave Iran everything they wanted plus a bunch of cherries they didn’t ask for.

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