2 thoughts on “Russian Sanctions”

  1. I believe it was a strategic error for Trump not to veto this bad legislation. If Congress wants to override, fine, they can prove that they can. I don’t think any president should accept Congressional overrides on his/her ability to leverage foreign states. A president is not subject to the Logan Act.

  2. If a billion dollar oil rig were on fire, and someone needed to take a risk to run through the flames to close a valve to save the platform, someone would. And if no one did, I can easily envision a manger standing up and saying “$100,000 bonus if someone goes in and closes that valve” and getting volunteers. We have a multibillion dollar space station on the line and your chance of making it as a stowaway on a Cargo Dragon is on the order of 90% if you bring your life support system with you. If the astronaut corps doesn’t have people who’d take that risk (I bet they do), the private sector certainly does.

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