8 thoughts on “A 21st-Century Space Policy”

  1. Okay, I’ll bite: Why (outside of national defense), do we need government to have a “space policy”, or to be involved in space at all?

          1. You’re saying that without government there would be no possibility of wealth? What, I need a “mother may I” from government to “allow” me to make money? Why do I need a government policy to “enable” me to trade goods or services for revenue and profit?

        1. It is possible. NACA was created to do wind tunnel tests and airfoil designs and so forth, and the results were shared with the airline industry. Industry didn’t have to pay for all that R&D. That’s sort of the model NASA should be following, too, staying out at the edge of the envelope.

  2. Just reading the summary, using the moon as a model will teach all the wrong lessons. Government doesn’t create wealth and does more to discourage it than enable it.

    It may be an interesting read.

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