The Fashion Industry

Megan Fox discusses what I’ve been ranting about for years: Why do women let gay men dictate what an attractive woman looks like?

Today’s definition of “fat” is what’s abnormal. The modern idea of feminine beauty is what is abnormal. Have you ever been to an art museum? For our entire human history men have been painting and sculpting women they found beautiful. Renoir sure liked his bigger models.

Absolutely none of them look like Kate Moss. All of them look like the normal, average woman that Hookstead doesn’t want to see in his magazines. Just admit already that your ideas of feminine beauty have been manipulated for decades by gay dudes who run fashion houses. Uncomfortable thought, isn’t it? But how else do you explain that men used to find this attractive and desirable and now it’s “fat”? Could it be that the gay kings of the fashion world remolded women into what they themselves find attractive, i.e. wide shoulders, small hips, long muscular arms — or in other words…young men?

I wonder if this is also why womens’ clothes don’t have pockets?

5 thoughts on “The Fashion Industry”

  1. Women complain about how men judge them based on their looks. I will listen as soon as women stop judging men based on their pocketbook.

  2. Speaking of pockets, I’ve noticed that a modern woman is more likely to be without a purse than without a smartphone in the back pocket of her trousers. I wonder how many phones are damaged or destroyed by women sitting on them.

  3. I liked Megan’s article, and mostly agree with it.

    The comment section is a mess, though. About 75% of them seem to be incapable of making a distinction between “curvaceous” and “morbidly obese”.

    The women in the Renoir paintings are lovely. I like them better than the women in Rubens’ paintings, who always seemed oddly lumpy to me.

  4. I’m glad we have gay guys giving us stick figure models. If models were really beautiful woman, men everywhere would never get anything done. The way it is, allows men to ignore it.

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