Thoughts from Glenn re this story from Gizomodo about Google:

You can make diversity your top priority, or you can make profitability your top priority, or you can make technical excellence your top priority. But you can only have one top priority.

Similarly, you can make safety the highest priority, you can make cutting cost the highest priority, or you can make actually accomplishing the mission the highest priority. Pick one.

[Monday-morning update]

14 thoughts on “Diversity”

      1. I don’t know. Obviously supporting Clinton in the election makes them a serious candidate for SJW convergence, but they have at least tried to appear balanced in the past. For example, many on the right use Google sites for blogs and the like, and they haven’t all been kicked off.

        If they go full-on SJW like Twitter, they’ll be gone in ten years. Or at least irrelevant.

        1. Both the right and the left exist on other peoples money. The difference is the right believes it should be earned through free trade. The left believes they earn it simply by being the left, so have to trick people into handing it over which they’ve done so successfully that they may soon have everybody in the reeducation camps (our schools and the media.) Many leftist media exist without the commercial support that normally would allow their continued existence.

          The good little SJWs are trained to war as a cowardly collective. The right has had the will to fight beaten out of them with divide, conquer and ridicule tactics and if that’s not enough… cops and lawyers where they simply manufacture the crime. The elites on the right don’t really see the threat. Which tells you where you are if you’re conservative but don’t realize the actual threat.

          They say a conservative is a liberal that’s been mugged. But the liberals have so much access to other peoples money and the right lacks the perception to realize we could become Venezuela if we keep playing ‘fair’ instead of to win. This is why it doesn’t matter if Sessions should have recused himself. The default position should be never and let the left whine about it. It’s not like they could possibly raise the cacophony any higher.

          The right has the law and reason on its side. It’s about time they learned to use it as the weapon it is. Lefty judges simply ignore the law to say it is whatever they say it is. Eliminating judges that make the law should be a first priority. We can’t win a rigged game.

          Where Google fits in is they are a supermedia/metamedia living off advertisement revenue. Which means when the left runs out of other people’s money, Google will still be around. They could cause the leftist pain to continue beyond the actual collapse and even help it reemerge.

        2. YouTube is already pulling ad revenue from non-leftist channels and just started shadow banning channels with politics they don’t like. They are trying to use filtering algorithms so there are no humans involved. The censorship will be automatic and without appeal.

  1. The one spot-on observation (out of many) in the original screed is that women don’t negotiate well. My wife an I are in the exact same technical field. She’s seven years younger than I am. We have exactly the same annual incomes. She has always maintained that women who aren’t paid the same as men for equal work simply haven’t asked for it. She always has. And it has always worked.

  2. I don’t know what pretext they will use, but you know this un-named techie is so fired.

    1. SJWs hate firing people, because that leads to martyrdom and lawsuits. If anything, they’ll try to make him resign by putting him in a cubicle in the basement and taking away his stapler.

    1. They’re so massive, it will probably take a long time. There’s a lot of ruin to be dissipated there.

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