6 thoughts on “Testing”

  1. Watch for the media to trot out the meme again that Trump is going after the disabled. It didn’t get traction before but they’ve kept it in their back pocket.

    I live on disability. I’ve been in hospice for over a year now, so I’ve already beaten the odds (I plan to continue living for 40 more years but my plans don’t always work out.)

    The fact is a huge rise in men on disability occurred during Obama such that a majority of those are probably fraudulent. Those should not only be kicked off the roles but imprisoned. The media will of course suggest (suggest?) this proves how heartless Trump is.

    Anyone care to bet when Nazi concentration camps becomes part of the narrative?

      1. Yes, good luck to you Ken. Was it Marvin back in the Usenet days? I have my suspicions…. 🙂

        1. That wasn’t me. Usenet was hit or miss for me back before I’d settled anywhere. I do remember 300 baud modems and paper tape storage.

  2. Perhaps the administration and especially the generals are sound enough to reject the belief that there is an “enemy within” fighting for the Islamists

    I can’t believe anyone thinks there is not an enemy within. We are nowhere near done with the staffing crisis in the WH that has to be resolved.

    “A house divided will not stand.” They are trying to do to the anti-globalists exactly what they’ve been mostly successfully done to the Tea Party.

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