4 thoughts on “The Case Of DWS And Her Rogue Technicians”

  1. Considering that Pakistan harbored bin laden and has been harboring the Taliban the entire war, we really need to know if the Pakistani government is involved with these IT people.

    Having agents of a foreign government currently involved in a proxy war with us control the most sensitive information for one of our two main political parties and of the business of our most important congressional committees has to be one of the largest breaches of security in our history. Which is saying a lot considering everything that happened under Obama.

    What would have happened to DWS and her compatriots at the DNC if this happened during WWII?

    1. It should be the same today as before. Treason should never be fashionable.

      Remember the old B&W movies with FBI agents traveling around the world in search of traitors? That FBI were the traitors first target.

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