The DNC “Hacking”

It seems pretty clear now that it was a leak from inside, and the whole Russia narrative is false. In fact, it looks like the Russians were framed, perhaps by Guccifer. And perhaps by our own intelligence community:

By any balanced reckoning, the official case purporting to assign a systematic hacking effort to Russia, the events of mid-June and July 5 last year being the foundation of this case, is shabby to the point taxpayers should ask for their money back. The Intelligence Community Assessment, the supposedly definitive report featuring the “high confidence” dodge, was greeted as farcically flimsy when issued January 6. Ray McGovern calls it a disgrace to the intelligence profession. It is spotlessly free of evidence, front to back, pertaining to any events in which Russia is implicated. James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, admitted in May that “hand-picked” analysts from three agencies (not the 17 previously reported) drafted the ICA. There is a way to understand “hand-picked” that is less obvious than meets the eye: The report was sequestered from rigorous agency-wide reviews. This is the way these people have spoken to us for the past year.

What’s surprising is the publisher of this story, hardly a publication you’d think would be sympathetic to the narrative: The Nation.

8 thoughts on “The DNC “Hacking””

  1. They’ve discovered that bits are mutable? I’m shocked!

    No evidence just means we need to spend the entire GDP to prove Trump says vulgar things!

    Liars (with a huge motive) lie?! Inconceivable!

    Adults allowing this farce to continue since Hillary lost!

    What adults?

  2. Leaving aside the facts of the matter, it’s interesting that for The Nation defending Russia takes precedence over attacking Trump.

    1. After decades of leftists defending Russia, this would surprise you?

      I have been open minded but skeptical of the whole Russian thing. We never got to see the evidence and had to rely on the words of unreliable people. Then we learn that the Democrats were working with Russian agents and might have used their work to justify spying on the Trump campaign.

      The whole thing is a mess that involves more than just the baseless Russian collusion allegations but also a corrupt Obama administration and a dishonest media.

  3. It strikes me that, since we now know the Russians did not hack the DNC, that this entire farce was deliberately fabricated from the outset. But what could be the intent? Well, it looks to me like a whole lot of people have a whole lot of dirty secrets, and virtually all of them are on the left. And when the left is guilty of something, they launch a preemptive strike against any prospective adversary, going for the most savage, merciless kill they can achieve based on fabricated charges. The assault on Trump has always looked like one of those preemptive strikes, but until now we didn’t know that the original “charges” were entirely fabricated. They’re just hoping to destroy Trump before his people can destroy them.

  4. Might The Nation have a few Bernie Bros who little love for the DNC after they weight the scales against their guy? It might not help the anti-Trump narrative, but it does help the “progressive” narrative in the intra-party battles to come.

    1. They squabble all the time, but will not let that interfere much with their true enemy (which is truth itself.)

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