Obstruction Of Justice In The Clinton “Matter”

We now know that the White House was involved.

We need congressional hearings on this. Competent ones, though that’s a lot harder.

[Update a few minutes later]

The real story of that tarmac meeting gets stranger.

My question is, where is Jeff Sessions? Why is he letting this happen? He didn’t recuse himself from this.

[Afternoon update]

Lynch’s attorney now on Congressional committee investigating Lynch. It seems to be standard operating procedure for Democrats to be allowed to investigate themselves.

[Update a while later]

Related, in that it’s about more Clinton/Obama corruption: A judge orders the State Department to find more missing Benghazi emails.

We still don’t know where Obama was that night.

7 thoughts on “Obstruction Of Justice In The Clinton “Matter””

  1. Is there any Obama scandal where his administration didn’t lie about the existence of documents, obstruct, destroy evidence, collude with the press, or communicate using secret emails?

    1. What scandal? The Democrat Media didn’t report any scandal. Surely you don’t believe the alt-media? /sarc

      But seriously, the Barrycade regime seems to have acted as an organized crime syndicate as a routine method of doing business. It’s like they regard We the People as the enemy from whom secrets must be kept.

  2. [Jeff Sessions] didn’t recuse himself from this.

    The guiding principle here aught to be: everybody is complicit if there is not hard evidence otherwise. Being complicit includes not penalizing the guilty or giving them a slap on the wrist. Being complicit means they do their job (if they have one to do) or they get the boot.

    If Sessions does his job? Fine. Otherwise. Yer out! Play all.

    Congressional hearings (while useful) are gumming the problem where the DOJ should be using their teeth. Hearings can tell us how deep the rabbit hole goes, but we’ve already got plenty of hard evidence to prosecute now. Put all the little fish in jail now so they can get reduced sentences giving us the bigger fish. Once in jail, add to their sentences with any new evidence. These lawbreakers have to know the game is over. A game they’ve all been playing since college.

    I don’t care how hard it is to fire people. It’s got to be done by whatever means it takes including shuffling them to empty rooms with no work (if we have to) and replacing them with people that will do the job.

    I said it before (because otherwise we are truly lost) law is where we can win. If it’s pressed by people that realize how bad it will get if we don’t.

    “LOCK HER UP.” Was never just about Hillary. It also includes many that are (from any party) the foxes in this chicken house.

    People in govt. MUST be afraid of the people. They should not be laughing as they do now.

  3. In what version of reality would a set of press talking points qualify for redaction?

    Redaction doesn’t mean information is gone, only that it isn’t released. Is there any penalty of law for over redacting?

    These should not be idle questions and the media shouldn’t get a pass either. Let’s say it out loud. The media has been complicit with govt. criminals. It’s not just handing out questions before debates.

    Send so called journalists to share jail cells with those govt. criminals they’ve been protecting. It’s time to pull on all the threads. Round up all that can be jailed now while looking for added charges later giving priority to any with the ability to add to the problem. Let’s have a first amendment crisis.

    The pendulum swings. It’s time for over enforcement where the ‘elite’ are involved. That includes Trump if he’s guilty of anything, but so far it’s absolutely incredible how squeaky clean he’s been (anything he is guilty of is not treason.) That’s the focus here.

  4. My question is, where is Jeff Sessions? Why is he letting this happen? He didn’t recuse himself from this.

    Hmm, I thought the speed of sound was a bit faster, such that an echo from DC to California and back would happen much sooner than 3 weeks.

  5. Don’t you miss Baghdad Jim? If we were still posting here, he’d already be giving us a half dozen pre-fab party-line explanations of why we should just close our eyes, clap our hands over our ears, and just keep moving on. Then we could all have a good time ridiculing him. Good times.

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