7 thoughts on “Rejuvenating Aging Hearts”

  1. … Think it over. A lonely heart goes cold and old…..

    I endorse what Buddy Holly recommends…

  2. “Young Stem Cells”

    Does this mean that we finally have a productive use for those embryonic stem cells? Until now all the good stuff came from adult stem cells, even though we were told endlessly by pro-abortion advocates that embryonic cells were the cure all for everything, and a reason we needed to keep killing babies.

    1. The article itself says they don’t know whether they have to be young stem cells or whether older ones would work. And since we can roll back skin cells into stem cells now, there may not be any meaningful difference.

    2. Why would you destroy your cash cow then? If there is money to be made off selling cells from hearts, we can expect the abortion industry to end and transmogrify into an orphanage type of system, where young children are milked every couple of days. Former hosts might even get monthly dividends.

      Our future under a progressive technocratic society of science lovers sure looks bright.

  3. The funny thing is, of the 18 or so things that are killing me, only heart failure qualifies me for the care I get. Solve my CHF, I lose my benefits, feel only marginally better and would be in worse shape overall than I am today.

    The gods are laughing their A***s off.

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