Trump’s Latest Demented Rant

Robert Tracinski says he needs to not be president yesterday. But as he says, if he had enough sense to resign, he’d have enough sense not to appear to be defending Nazis. He just can’t help himself.

[Update a while later]

No, “liberals,” there are no Nazis under your bed.

[Thursday-morning update]

Note that I’m not complaining about Trump’s attempt to point out that Antifa are no saints. I’m furious (as usual) at how inarticulate, tone deaf and incompetent he was at doing so.

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  1. Tracinsky is right that Trump shouldn’t have said that some of the people at the Unite the Right rally were not white nationalists. From what I saw, they all were. Prior to the actual event, non-white nationalists were going to go but pulled out when they saw the other speakers.

    Trump should have just said that no matter how horrible these people are, that doesn’t give Democrats the right to use mob violence against them.

    That day it was actual white nationalists but for the last year and a half, Democrats have been engaging in violence against everyone not a Democrat. When people on the right cheer on the violence from the Democrats on that specific day, they need to remember that Democrats think of them the exact same way as the Democrats do white nationalists.

    Violence isn’t ok regardless of who the target is. Saying that isn’t a defense of the white nationalists but it is the only viewpoint that will lead to ending the violence.

    1. Also, Trump was right about the statues. Democrats do want to remove Washington and Jefferson as well as Teddy Roosevelt and anyone else from our past. Its called year zero. I am not sure why we are expected to turn a blind eye to it or the ideology from which this movement springs.

          1. I never noticed that Barack Obama was all that articulate or focused off prompter. Just another way in which they were alike in a way that the supporters of neither are willing to recognize or admit.

        1. I don’t disagree there.

          But even Trump’s original statement, which condemned violence on all sides was portrayed as defending NAZI.

          I want him to be a better speaker, just not sure it really matters in the end.

          1. I don’t know what kind of newspeak it is that says condemning all parties is defending one.

            He needs to organize a Toga Party.

    2. What I find interesting is McAuliffe, who in a sane country with a neutral media would have some explaining to do, noted that these Unite the Right people were heavily armed (although the State Police refuted McAuliffe’s comments attributed to them). Despite all this firepower, no reports of shots fired. Other than the driver (who might get acquitted), there isn’t much violence to speak of from these Nazis.

      Still, this all appears to be red on red (as in the waving red Nazi flag vs the waving red USSR flag) violence. The dumb thing is Trump allowing himself to even get involved, which is only slightly dumber than Rand or the Federalist supporting the notion of Trump resigning for this reason. I guess haters are going to hate.

      What I’ve noticed is most of the people I’ve talked to about the subject know very little about it. And that’s because most people in the US care nothing for Communists or Nazis, and like CNN, couldn’t find Charlottesville, VA on a map (or knew such a place existed, or figured a statue of Robert E. Lee would appear at a place called Emancipation Park). Most also know that Trump has never shown support for either Communists or Nazis, despite claims otherwise because Trump (unlike squishy GOP politicians) doesn’t feel the need to constantly affirm that he doesn’t support either. The one time he does affirm his lack of support; he is claimed to be a supporter and told to resign, which I already noted is dumb of those making the claim and demand.

      The only thing this story has going for it, is that at least there is tangible evidence, as compared to the Russian Collusion story, for which Rand previously claimed to no longer have doubts.

      Look, I’m good with Trump resigning (if there was a worthwhile replacement, which right now the GOP isn’t showing one), because for some reason, Koskinen is still head of the IRS, and he just hired back federal employees that ought to be in jail. There’s a reason to write about Trump, but a search of The Federalist shows that the IRS story isn’t important to them.

      1. Still, this all appears to be red on red (as in the waving red Nazi flag vs the waving red USSR flag) violence.

        Everyone says the white nationalists are right wing. Can anyone tell me what their political ideology entails other than racism? Racism itself isn’t left or right. I have never read anything about them that wasn’t about racism.

        1. White Nationalists are socialists, and are therefore the alt-left. This “Unite the Right” was started by Jason Kessler, an Obama supporter and part of the Occupy movement.

          I know it’s confusing, but that’s the point. There’s a lot of false-flag ops going around. Just remember that fascists are inherently left-wing.

          1. Don’t let the leftist media define your thinking with Alinskyite tactics..

            White nationalism has never been defined as only including socialists. There is a spectrum to nationalism just like there is to anything else. Sure there were white nationalist socialists in Charlottesville, but there were many more right wing white nationalists.

            And white nationalism does not equate to white supremacy – again there is a spectrum of belief – most just want to stop being told to be ashamed of being born white. Are whites not equal to other colors of skin?

            What is really crazy is that the media wants you to believe that:
            a) all white nationalists are Nazis, and
            b) Nazis are right-wingers

            … and they’ve trained you all to listen to their dog whistles.

            This is why the term “cuckservative” has become popular among the alt-right, and why the alt-right is growing rapidly. If you abandon your conservative principles to try to avoid being called a racist by crazy leftists who despise you either way, then you are not a real conservative.

            The alt-right is a big tent, it holds alt-west, alt-lite, and alt-reich (alt-retards). Do you notice how the left never disavows their radicals and crazies but demands that the right disavow theirs?

            This is a culture war, and the left is trying to make it a race war. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be.

      2. Trump allowing himself to even get involved

        Exactly right. They could never criticize him if he just said nothing. /sarc

        Then he stupidly spoke the truth. What’s wrong with this guy?

        Doesn’t he know he has to have a democrat in good standing (which can expire at any moment) tell him word for word what the approved statement must be?

        Why didn’t the armed guys with permits fire a single round at the guys without a permit throwing rocks? It’s a given that they were all redneck knuckle draggers that the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to.

        The only protected speech is nice speech!!!

        What would have happened if they had their march and everyone just ignored them? Ya know, like what would have happened if two didn’t tango?

        1. He said lots of stupid things at that presser that he need not have said (which was why Kelly was almost holding his head in his hands). But I get that you don’t get that.

          1. Actually, I do get it Rand. You and Leland are right on this specific point. Trump needs to learn when to ignore the media and when to keep his mouth shut.

      3. I am tremendously disappointed with the Trump administration in that it has done nothing to rein in the lawlessness of the previous one. So I didn’t even get that out of her losing.

        1. Doesn’t it bother you that…

          1) the lawless are carryovers.
          2) Trump isn’t the AG and because it’s Trump he can’t even direct DOJ in any meaningful way without catching hell for it.
          3) He’s actually getting things done that you can read about almost every single day like… Pelosi is shocked to realize he’s cut (from the unfirable federal workers) 11,000 govt. employees in his first 200 days.

          He’s dragging the whole sorry republican party’s sorry asses across the finish line with absolutely no help, and even neglect would be an improvement to the constant negatives he has to deal with.

          1. NOTHING Trump can do will lessen the criticism. Therefor he needs to ignore the mindless condemnation and just do what’s right.

          2. he needs to ignore the mindless condemnation and just do what’s right.

            In a sense he is. He continues actions that the media pretends to ignore (with a pillow.) If only he were a mute?

      1. The ACLU, as do I, defends their right to speak, and assemble as anyone supporting the Constitution should.

        The weakness we have is that private companies can suppress speech by threatening and firing those who don’t follow the SJW narrative. These threats could be litigious.

        And, did you watch the video you posted?

      2. I minimize their violence. It seems to me the car incident was a reaction to the Herrenvolk getting their butts kicked in open combat.

        Trump is correct, if only accidentally, that America needs a national conversation about “socialists of all parties,” to borrow a phrase from Hayek.

        1. So, if the motivation of the car incident was something that far beforehand, you’re saying it was first degree murder, not second degree.

          1. For 1st degree, they’d need one of three or four things. A confession by the driver in which he said he left the rally to get in his car and run over some people. Testimony by others at the event saying that he’d told them his plan, or cell phone texts saying the same. Security footage and cell phone videos that piece together his motions prior to his attack, showing him cruising around at length, obviously looking for the best area to target (planning). The latter might be a hard sell due to his blacked-out windows.

            Short of that, 2nd degree is the most they could get.

          2. Oh, I should add that the obvious defense against a first degree charge would be that it was unplanned, because if he had planned the attack he probably would’ve used somebody else’s car, probably a stolen one. Given how he successfully backed out of there, he probably could’ve got clean away had he done so, as nothing would tie the stolen vehicle back to him. The case would come down to finding a security camera aimed in the right place, and hair and fiber.

            Or he could’ve used his car and just cut some of his brake lines, which would easily be blamed on antifa, anarchists, and whatnot, and claim the whole thing was an accident. Again, that would come down to lucky security footage showing him crawling underneath the vehicle prior to his attack.

            But he didn’t do either of those things, because violent criminals are generally stupid and lack impulse control.

        2. If antifa commits an overt terrorist attack and police do nothing to stop them, we should expect people to find alternate means of stopping antifa.

          1. Deliberately running over a person with a car and killing them in order to stop antifa. I see.

            BTW, do you realize you are publicly excusing an act of capital murder?

          2. I’m not saying the reaction will always be rational or lawful. But when police refuse to enforce the law, expect people to take matters into their own hands.

          3. The solution is rather simple. Keep Democrat’s away from other’s events. Have law enforcement, media, and government treat Democrat activists the same way as the NAZI groups. That would stop the violence at these events instantly.

      3. Where, exactly, did he “defend their views” or “minimize their violence”?

        It seems its not enough to denounce a group’s views and condemn their acts unless you do so hysterically.

        1. unless you do so hysterically.

          The enthusiasm hurdle. That bar will get raised no matter what because you aren’t intended to clear it.

  2. I like Thump’s statements although they could be better stated.
    This whole event is Fake News. The leader who got the permit
    worked of Occupy Wall Street and supported Obama. Maybe he changed parties? Right.

    The Alt-Right does not do events like this because the don’t work.

    You can’t check ID’s or tickets so anybody can show up and cause
    trouble. The purpose of this type of event is to show wide based
    support for your ideas and grevences. But the media is against
    anyone on the right so they ignore these events or show the group
    from far away to make them look small. They may be coordinated
    with other opposition groups or individuals to create trouble
    and make it look like the right did it.

    The driver of the car is now saying his accelerator stuck. The car
    involved has been reported many time for such a problem.

    Free Speech is unrestricted. “Moral Equivalency?” Where is that in the First Amendment? The only speech that needs defended is that which offends or is unpopular.

    What Trump stated today is common sense. Trump keeps saying these things and the media sets its hair on fire. All they will get is MORE Trump.

  3. No clue what’s bothering you guys. Everything he said was true. The Nazis are horrible and the other group of thugs were horrible. I don’t see any reason why he needed to denounce one group more than the other. Nazis and Fascists.
    He didn’t say a word defending any of them. If he defended anyone, it was nice people who were there because of the statues but weren’t Nazis. If there were some there, which I guess he thought. If there weren’t then he didn’t defend anyone; presumably he was mistaken but that’s no big deal.
    This is all a fever dream.

    1. It is because he said some of the people at the rally were nice people and not white nationalists. Notice in the linked op-ed that morphs into defending all white nationalists. The smarter thing to do would have been not to say there were any nice people there. And from the videos I saw, I didn’t see any history buffs or whatever there just actual white nationalists.

      1. The smarter thing to do would have been not to say there were any nice people there.

        Yes, lying would have been smarter. I listened and their were nice people on both sides of the issues there.

        The white lash is an intended outcome. The problem for the left is it really hasn’t happened yet. When it does, more than 3 people are going to die.

        How long will people with no care for anything racial going to sit back and listen to how evil and racist they are?

        1. Sorry Ken, but saying nothing is not lying. It may not be “the whole truth” either, but this whole thing was the press demanding Trump say something about something that does not need federal attention. To the extent it needs federal attention, it is because the state police were incompetent. Otherwise, this was a local issue, and Trump should have avoided arguing with the pigs in the mud on the finer point of pointless details. Now the pigs are happy.

          1. Leland, I sincerely and deeply respect your thoughts. If this were a rational situation you’d be absolutely 100% correct. It isn’t.

            If Trump says anything. He’s guilty. If he says nothing he’s guilty. If he goes to the toilet he’s guilty. Get out the green and red pens. What did he say that wasn’t true?

            Trump would be considered lying by omission. There is absolutely nothing Trump can do or not do. PLUS, that’s not all folks, the left has many times admitted to manufacturing these things because that’s how they roll. It almost makes them wanting to carry around oversized gavels fishing for non-existent racial slurs.

            As a matter of fact, omission is exactly his crime. Except it isn’t even that. It’s not being a time traveler so he can recite the lefty prescribed incantation in time. Which wouldn’t make a whit of difference.

            We are through the looking glass where people that might testify against the left for real crimes (as opposed to thought crimes and association guilt… without any actual association required) die (of suicide of course) just before critical events.

            In my life I’ve never seen so much cowardly bullshit. BTW, fat boy backed down.

            Don’t take this as any criticism of you Leland. I’m so mad about this stupidity I’ve gone straight past to calm. The world is going to hell and I’m amazed I’ve lived long enough to see it.

            My kingdom for a single adult. Law could fix this. There is no law.

          2. If Trump says anything. He’s guilty. If he says nothing he’s guilty. If he goes to the toilet he’s guilty. Get out the green and red pens. What did he say that wasn’t true?

            Ken, this is stupid. He didn’t have to take questions at that press conference. He had made a statement the day before to clean up his idiotic statements on Saturday, and it had sort of worked. But he (like you) has no impulse control, and just can’t resist making an ass of himself in public, as you can’t resist making one of yourself at my blog in comments.

          3. He didn’t have to take questions at that press conference.

            It wasn’t even the topic of the conference. In what world would the press have let it go? In what world would ‘no comment’ have ended it?

            I hope Trump takes the whole damned government, right and left, down.

            Impulse is his crime. He’s guilty of telling the truth. If people don’t speak up they deserve the result.

            I am beyond disgusted.

          4. It wasn’t even the topic of the conference. In what world would the press have let it go?

            Of course they wouldn’t, which is why he was an idiot to take questions at the press conference. But he was the one who didn’t want to let it go.

            In what world would ‘no comment’ have ended it?

            The one in which he said that, and didn’t take questions. But you are as idiotic (and impulsive) as he is. Just give it up.

            I am beyond disgusted.

            That makes at least two of us. But not for the reasons you think.

      2. “And from the videos I saw, I didn’t see any history buffs or whatever there just actual white nationalists.”

        Selection bias. Why would anyone waste time taking a video of normal people? Freak shows attract the shutterbugs.

  4. The other day there was an event in Seattle. The cops kept the Democrats from doing battle with the right wing people. There was no violence other than that directed at the cops. This would have been the situation in Charlottesville and any other event past or in the future.

    I am so sick and tired of this violence and disgusted that our media refuses to cover it honestly. We have elected Democrats marching with ANTIFA and mayors and governors flying to Germany to help rally them. The son of the Democrat VP candidate was arrested for violence. There was a mass assassination attempt on Congress. A Republican was even killed by his neighbor for being a Republican. There are thousands of incidents of violence at demonstrations.

    The only way to stop the violence at demonstrations is to keep opposing groups separated. The only way to stop the societal violence is to have the Democrats stop themselves from being violent. The dehumanization as justification for violence has to end.

    1. The violence needs to result in jail time, every time. That’s how they handle domestic disputes here in AZ. Husband and wife both go to jail. You only get law and order if you exercise it.

  5. The other day there was an event in Seattle. The cops kept the Democrats from doing battle with the right wing people. There was no violence other than that directed at the cops. This would have been the situation in Charlottesville and any other event past or in the future.


    1. These events seem to turn violent only in democrat infested swamps where the police are ordered to stand down.

      1. That’s why I’m amazed the Seattle police didn’t stand by with their thumbs up their butts. Seattle is a pretty well Democrat-infested swamp. Most everything to the east of most of the length of I-5 is pretty far gone.

        1. The Seattle cops stood down when Milo came to UW and someone got shot and numerous people were assaulted. Well, they didn’t just stand down but forced the Milo audience into close proximity with the Democrat protesters.

          The interesting thing about the last event in Seattle was that a councilperson was marching with ANTIFA. They got upset the police stopped them and asked the Mayor to pull the cops away but were turned down.

          People talk about moral equivalence but the white nationalists are an incredibly small group of people with no support in government and who have no elected officials. The ANTIFA types are mainstream Democrats with support of elected officials and the vast network of funding/organization of the Democrat party.

          A nationwide call to white nationalists had people in the hundreds? Democrats can put thousands, up to hundreds of thousands, of people in the street in any city in the country at any moment.

    1. Someone needs to ask him if he really approves of vigilante mob justice, because that’s what Antifa is and has been for a long while.

    2. Rubio’s stance is surrender. There are actual, normal people who will show up to oppose the removal of historic monuments, because it’s erasing our history and as Trump said, where does it end? The far left even threw fits in the American Museum of Natural History, demanding the removal of anything they deemed offensive, including the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. I don’t think that’s happened since the NSDAP was running Germany.

      The left was going to show up, in force, no matter who showed up to support the monuments, just as they showed up at Trump rallies or any campus speeches by conservatives. What their violent antics have created is push back from people on the right who love to fight. The punch a Nazi crowd is encountering the punch a commie crowd.

      1. Yup, tit for tat escalation, everyone can see it happening, and everyone knows how to stop it, which leads one to believe that when these brawls take place, it is because the local politicians, who control the police, want it to.

        I don’t understand why that we are in the midst of people advocating for Year Zero and our media and politicians wont examine that.

  6. Let me say something even more outrageous.

    Actual racism is the lessor crime here. Lots of people are both racist AND nice people. I even remember a 60 minutes episode where two old guys were friends, one black and one white, both were racists and freely admitted it.

    I have family that are racists.

    BEING A RACISTS doesn’t automatically pile on every other evil of man. It doesn’t mean they plan to fire up any gas chambers.

    I am not a racist, but I’ve lived with them when I had no choice. Other evils are much greater, like believing people have no rights because you don’t like them regardless of not committing any actual crimes.

    If someone thinks they are superior because of pigment, they’re idiots. Idiocy is not a crime. ‘Suiciding’ and treason are actual crimes.


    Other than one nutcase, the amount of restraint by those Nazis tells me there’s more to this story yet to be revealed.

    1. For the “80%” of protesters supposedly carrying semi-automatic firearms (according to VA gubernatorial slime-weasel McAuliffe), there was truly remarkable trigger discipline amongst a bunch of racist haters, considering that not a shot was fired in what was at times a free-for-all brawl. BTW, the VA State Police have more than once since this weekend directly contradicted and rebutted their governor’s statements, essentially making him out to be either an ignorant, incompetent boob, or a blatant liar. But it would be a terrible mistake to ignore the unifying power of AND.

      1. Isn’t McAuliffe the governor who said 93 million Americans are killed every day with firearms?

      2. Add in the tear gas and other pyrotechnics reportedly tossed into the protest by antifa, restraint of firearm holders among the protesters is even more impressive.

    2. “Regarding all of the racial and political strife emanating from the events in Charlottesville last weekend, let me relate a story. Several years ago we bought a farm in rural Maryland. One of the neighbors immediately put up a Confederate flag. A friend of ours who is an African-American three-star general was coming to visit and immediately turned around concluding that he was in the wrong place. Interestingly, all the other neighbors immediately put up American flags shaming the other neighbor who took down the Confederate flag. More recently our home in Virginia along with that of a neighbor was vandalized by people who also wrote hateful rhetoric about President Trump. We were out of town, but other kind, embarrassed neighbors cleaned up most of the mess before we returned.

      In both instances, less than kind behavior was met by people taking the high road. We could all learn from these examples. Hatred and bigotry unfortunately still exists in our country and we must all continue to fight it, but let’s use the right tools. By the way, that neighbor who put up the Confederate flag subsequently became friendly. That is the likely outcome if we just learn to be neighborly and to get to know each other.”
      Linked from Drudge

    3. Actual racism is the lessor crime here.

      Why does this matter? It is very possible to not like the white nationalists or the Democrat’s ANTIFA brigades. Which group is worse? Its a toss up.

      Getting down into the weeds about which is worse is a pointless exercise.

      1. Which group is worse? Its a toss up.

        Its only a toss up if you conflate a whole host of evils that may not apply.

        As long as a racist doesn’t act on his views it’s a protected right (speech and thought.)

        Antifa is about taking away those rights and justifying violence against specific groups (which is essentially and ironically a form of racism.)

        I feel like the ACLU defending Nazis when I don’t like either. I’m going to need a shower. It’s no contest. The Antifa are the greater evil. When Nazis do more then talk that’s a different story.

        The Antifa used stones and chemicals. It was just luck they didn’t kill anyone.

        1. Furthermore, the Nazis wanted to engage in debate about the statues. The Antifa just tore them down.

          One of these is lawless.

  7. I wish we had somebody better than Trump, but in the end, he fights. We haven’t had a fighter since Reagan and even he was weak on some issues, and easily snookered. If it weren’t for the mass media filter, I’d say that Trump connected with average Americans than you think, Rand, in this latest conference, but it’s so hard to tell. I’m very disappointed in lower-than-top-level appointments. The IRS and State Depts. in particular need to be seriously body-checked with prosecutions and firings. HOWEVER, rather than not reining them in, Hillary Clinton would have given them a huge green light and it would have been, “Balls to the wall, full power ahead!” So, I’ll take what I can get while working at the local level to get more.

    1. My housemate, who’s a Democrat and retired public defender of 20 years (and former prosecutor), watched Trump’s speech twice and said “He’s exactly right. There were two criminal gangs having a brawl. The Republicans are trying to disown him for telling a truth that everybody knows.”

      By the way, my town is next. Our mayor Tweeted that he’s removing two Confederate monuments because of Charlottesville. Various quasi-Nazi leaders said the protests are on. We get to be the next Poland and host round II of the Nazi vs. communist slug fest. We have a much better police force, so hopefully it won’t get out of hand. Vehicle barriers might be a wise precaution.

      The statues they want to remove are little more than lawn ornaments, one is of John C Breckinridge, a great general who had been James Buchanan’s Vice President, and who came in second to Lincoln in 1860. Breckinridge laid plans for the South’s surrender, made sure all Confederate records in Richmond made it safely into Union hands (as opposed to burning them), saved a hundred or so black Union troops from summary execution, and told Jefferson Davis that the gig was up, and to not let the epic struggle end in farce. Since he lived here, having a small statue of him makes perfect sense. Breckenridge Colorado is also named after him.

      The other is John Hunt Morgan, our local Genghis Khan who struck further north than any other Confederate general. Things up in Ohio and Indiana are named after him. His nephew, Thomas Hunt Morgan, born a year after the war, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for founding the modern science of genetics. He figured out how chromosomes work by studying fruit flies.

      1. His nephew, Thomas Hunt Morgan, born a year after the war, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for founding the modern science of genetics. He figured out how chromosomes work by studying fruit flies.

        So he developed the science that lead to eugenics?

  8. Ken, I get that you support the notion that it is better to be on offense. I don’t disagree with that notion.

    I just see this Charlottesville game as one not worth playing. I personally went with the 72 hour rule. After that time; I learned the initial group was real nazi sympathizers, which is neither alt-right or believers in free markets. The second group carries the soviet flag along side baseball bats and incendiary devices. I learned that the police were told to stand down and only after the communists attacked, the police told the nazis to go away. The Nazi’s were pursued by the communists, who then began chanting “f’ the police” and “we own the streets”. That’s when a nazi sympathizer drove into crowd.

    I still haven’t looked up Charlottesville, VA on a map; although I knew it was VA, unlike CNN. I haven’t looked it up, because this weekends events have convinced my the place has no people for which I care to associate.

    My point is that Trump should have waited and then realized the whole thing was something to be scorned and better yet ignored. It doesn’t deserve a minute of any rational person’s time. And with that; I see I exceed my own advice and am over it.

    1. Trump, as President and chief target of the leftist media, doesn’t get to not play. He told the truth and was savaged. Had he remained silent he would have been similarly savaged. Had he lied he’d have been deservedly savaged more by one side or the other.

      1. I have a crazy idea that if you want to talk about infrastructure, you talk about infrastructure, and don’t let yourself get baited into saying something stupid on a completely unrelated topic, largely undoing the partial repair of the damage you’d performed the previous day. But we have a president with the attention span of a squirrel on meth.

        1. We all agree that Trump should be more disciplined.

          Perhaps he should have a STFU assistant? (for both him and the press.)

    2. I see I exceed my own advice and am over it.

      Rand won’t believe this, but I actually resist saying more than I do. I alluded to this when I say my parenthetic thoughts would cause stack overflow. Because the truth is, almost no statement can stand on it’s own. There are almost always nuances and exceptions.

      Communication requires generous listeners. It simply DOES NOT WORK otherwise. If some are unwilling to allow for those you debate with to be essentially decent people then it does not matter what is said or unsaid.

      You can avoid a lot of controversy by not doing things. We call that ships in the harbor.

      Trump is mixing a pot that needs to be stirred. We need more conversation, not less. That means dumb things are going to be said… including truths that most would like to avoid. Truths that carry emotional bombs and upset people.

      1. I definitely agree about stirring the pot that needs attention. I also understand that my vote for Trump when it became very apparent the GOP disdained their own voters. “Burn it down” is truly metaphorical for Trump voters, but what exactly would “burn it down” look like politically? And should we expect the GOP, Democrats, or the bureaucracy not to react?

        But at this point, I really don’t care what the political class has to say. The GOP lied about their desire to repeal Obamacare. Trump exposed that lie. The Democrats really have no problem with violent revolt, so long as their side gets to do it, and their enemy (which they have declared is other Americans) doesn’t get to respond. Is Trump the best President we could have? Absolutely not; but he’s what the DC class deserves, so they are going to live with it. I don’t get nice things; they don’t get nice things.

        BTW, I note that when a “though shall not be named” runs a car through a crowd; we are told its a new normal we can absorb. But when a non-protected tribe does the same thing ineffectually; it is time to remove the rights of free speech, assembly, association, as well armament for self protection from every single American. This is the stance now supported by Democrats, the media, and a good deal of the GOP in DC. And they want me to get exercised about Trump’s twits?

  9. Apparently, some groups who commit violence are more equal than others. And if a President doesn’t explicitly identify the Nazi group smacking people upside the head with a 2×4 as being terrible, while comparing the other group smacking people upside the head with a 2×4 to WWII allied troops liberating concentration camps, then everyone in that administration are also Nazis (plus everyone who voted for that administration).
    I detest both play-Nazis/INTAFA, but the simple fact is that only the former were in that park legally.
    Trump was right.

    1. Ya, the media has colluded on the WWII metaphor with pictures of D-Day but a more accurate one is the battle of Stalingrad.

  10. Shorter Rand: I still don’t like Trump, never will, and will carp at him at every opportunity.

    As for Tracinski, he needs to pull that broomstick out of his butt. Trump isn’t going anywhere. Being a blowhard isn’t an impeachable offense. One wonders if Tracinski is a #NeverTrump-er. It’s becoming tiresome listening to the GOPe whinge about the man all the time. We have Democrats for that.

    1. I don’t really believe that being white is or should be an interest. You can replace white with any other color in that sentence as well. At the same time, we may want to preserve some quality that exists in some person which (oddly enough) may be part of some race.

      A lot of things are obviously racists. BET for example, but is that bad? I wish somebody had the balls to start a WET channel (perhaps John Stossel) or YET or RET? Pick a color.

      Stupid, I know, but ridicule can be very effective with SJWs.

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