Hill Republicans To Trump

Butt out of tax reform:

“It’s just frustrating to be constantly reacting to his sh*t,” a GOP Senate aide explained.

And growing discord between the White House and Capitol Hill won’t prove helpful when lawmakers return in September with a lengthy to-do list.

“The president has torched whatever political capital or moral authority he ever had,” a GOP aide told IJR. “He is uniquely incapable of political leadership. If we get tax reform done, it won’t be with his help. It’ll be in spite of him and his vortex of incompetence and destruction.”

“The more distracted [Trump] is tweeting about Mika [Brzezinski] or his historic victory or the 4 million illegal votes, the better the odds are that we get tax reform. If he gets interested in tax reform, it will probably die just like everything else he touches,” he added.

When it comes to legislation, like Obama, he has the reverse Midas touch.

17 thoughts on “Hill Republicans To Trump”

  1. The irony is they want to censure Trump for being silent and slow to speak up. As well as fire political opponents.

    It’s all Trump’s fault. Everybody else is just an innocent angel.

    Where the hell is a flamethrower when ya need it?

    “I’d take a FLAMETHROWER to this place! Out of order? Who the hell you think you’re talking to? I’ve been around, you know? There was a time I could see! And I have seen…”

  2. Well, the Hill has been going it alone all along. And accomplishing exactly what they really wanted to accomplish, which is precisely nothing. I’m afraid the voters will be much more annoyed with them than with the Donald. He hasn’t been promising repeal and replace of Obamacare, tax reform and fiscal sanity for 7 years. They have.

  3. If the GOP had been doing it’s job (the one they were elected for, not the one lining their pockets with graft) the President wouldn’t have to get involved, other than sign the damned bill….

    So, CONGRESS should STFU and get to work.

  4. “The president has torched whatever political capital or moral authority he ever had”

    That may well be, but I’d say the same thing about the GOP Congress when it failed to repeal Obamacare.

    He The GOP is uniquely incapable of political leadership.”

  5. Whoa. They found several aides to speak against him anonymously. That’s it for him!
    I think Scott Adams has the right on this one. We didn’t hire him for our rabbi. Anyone who thinks he “torched whatever political capital or moral authority he ever had” is totally out of touch with what we want from him. Leave me alone.

    1. Even hard core supporters are coming down on trump now .. Corker said the president was prepared, uninformed, and a RADICAL change has to take place at the whitehouse.

      1. “hard core supporters” ROTFLMAO

        Thanks Vlad, we needed a little humor.

        His supporters are just fine with him. They aren’t expecting him to change. What they are doing is trying to figure out what comes between voting and torches + pitchforks… so shhhh… don’t mention tar or feathers.

        Before you get a tingle down your leg, the tar isn’t for the president.

      2. Corker, in case you haven’t been keeping track – which apparently you have not – is not exactly among Trump’s biggest fans. He’s also the guy who managed to arrange things so Obama only had to get 1/3 of the Senate to go along with the Iran Nuclear Deal in order to get it “approved.”

  6. Trump to Hill Republicans: Stay on the job until you keep at least one promise to your electorate.

  7. In this particular case the GOP congress is doing precisely what they want and using Trump to blame.

    They always have something else to blame…Only have half the House..only have the House…only have the House and Senate…only have the House…Senate and White House but not with super majorities….

    There’s always an excuse. It’s one thing to try your best and fail.

    It’s another to not even want to try (interferes with graft) and make others the scapegoat.

    In this case Trump is a very easy and handy scapegoat.

    If the GOP would pass Conservative Bills I feel fairly sure Trump would sign them.

  8. Trump sent a thirty second tweet, guess that means congress has to take the next four days off.

    Instead of whinging, they should be thankful Trump is there to take the arrows for them and get to work.

    Paul “Throw Grandma From The Cliff” Ryan should already know the DNC playbook.

  9. Propaganda 101. Have you seen the new democratic ad? It shows images of violent Nazis in Charlottesville with Trumps true words about “both sides” overlaid to suggest they’re heinous.

    Goebbels would be proud.

    Next they plan a tight shot of a trash can on fire to claim our president has set the country on fire… if they can find it or photoshop it, they’ll include Trump walking with a gas can.

  10. Perhaps Trump could make a modest proposal that we ban the Nazi and Soviet flags from being displayed in public within the US. Ok for textbooks for historical lesson, but otherwise cannot be used in public and for certain outdoor displays. He can even entertain adding the Confederate flag (battle and national) along with the Palestinian flag. It’s a do nothing Congress, make them take a stand on figuring it out. In the meantime, he can promote in this new era of controlled speech that burning of the US flag is against the law, because that is something that a Nazi or a Confederate might do.

    1. Too subtle Leland. They’d never get it. Ted Nugent was absolutely blunt about it on a Fox panel and it didn’t leave a dent in the talking heads.

      Do we laugh or cry?

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