James Lileks

…has been having a bad week. Me too:

This man. These people. Those people. That man. Gawd. Look: Nazis are bad. Commies are bad. Those two statements can be uttered in sequence without minimizing everything. Collectivists with a proven record of state-directed mass-murder are antithetical to the American character and must be opposed, but not by trashing the First Amendment. We’ve been here before. We know how this works. There are no fine people with torches, and there aren’t any fine people in black masks. Also, if the President could not tweet out BS stories about Pershing he got from a Bannontbart comment thread that would be great.

He’s just so bad at this. It’s not hard to be okay at this, and he is just so bad at this.

He is. He’s terrible (but pretty much as terrible as I expected him to be).

Also, James’ dog is missing.

7 thoughts on “James Lileks”

  1. When has the “Press” ever said a Republican was “Good at it” while he was in office, unless it was to set him up to go down in flames?

  2. CPTNerd,

    But that’s such a /low/ bar to clear, that using it as one of the top items in Trump’s “Plus” column shows how little he’s actually done.

  3. I’ve been reading about Lileks missing dog since he first started writing about it, nearly two weeks ago. The bizarre part is the amount of human debris out there who thinks it is funny to call up with bogus reports of finding the dog. There has been more than one of these, including one incoherent woman who claimed that homeless people had eaten his dog.

    I really don’t believe in vigilante justice, but if any of these people met with a bad accident, I would not lose sleep.

  4. I have heard the Pershing thing in a lot more places than Breitbart. Ace called this one correctly, punch a NAZI good. Punch a Jihadi bad.

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