3 thoughts on “Southern Army Bases”

  1. Military equipment named after Native Americans = racist.
    Military bases named after Confederate generals = racist.

    The military looks at it as respect for military prowess and doesn’t hold a grudge. How can they hold a grudge when Germany and Japan are some of our closest allies?

    The SJW left holds a grudge into infinity. That the past is the past doesn’t matter. They hold today’s innocents responsible for the past. They are incapable of comprehending other’s POV’s. But why would they want to? The strife is what gives them power. The revolution can never be over.

  2. Owing to recent disclosures by the Leader of the People’s Republic, I just learned that my office is within a couple hundred meters of a death camp.


    The Leader wants to purge the People’s Republic of memorials to POWs who perished there.


    The Mayor of Madison, WI is a Civil War denier? Who knew?

  3. The military does indeed have a different mindset. For them, “Duty, Honor, Country” are the words that describe their being. And it doesn’t matter which country. A former colleague of mine was an Air Force officer. He was attending the Air War College when a special event took place. Viktor Belenko, the Soviet defector who flew a MiG-25 to Japan, was brought in to brief my colleague’s class. The reception the US officers gave Belenko was more than just cold, it was cryogenic. I asked why, and my colleague said “He was an officer in his country’s Air Force, and he betrayed his country.” It didn’t matter to any of them, including the person who told me about it, that the country he betrayed was our enemy, and the second most evil country ever to exist.

    It took me a long time to wrap my brain around that one, but I eventually did. I think the military has been sufficiently “modernized” that such values no longer exist. Now they’re just SJWs. I’ve seen that first hand, too.

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