5 thoughts on “Heinlein’s Crazy Years”

  1. Hitler was a response to Germany’s own Crazy Years under the Weimar Republic. But you don’t get Hitler because of Hitler. There are always potential Hitlers out there.

    As Churchill alluded, the focus on the leader hides the problem.

  2. Well, just wait until Zukerberg, Cuban, and Puff Daddy square off with Warren in the Democrat debates.

    On the one hand, people like Trump, Zuckerberg, and Puff Daddy are not great for our political system. But we desperately need people who are not politicians to get involved. Romney was a bit of both and I don’t think being President is necessarily great idea for someone’s first elected position.

    Part of the problem is the government is so huge that there are not many jobs that can prepare a person for running such a huge organization. It is a bit like the knowledge problem in people trying to plan an economy. With free markets you don’t need the control because the populace controls it. It is the same with government except we don’t want the unelected government class controlling itself. Well, some of us don’t.

  3. In the interwar years when Heinlein was forming his Future History the Klan was million-strong and many people believed the future belonged to either the Communists or Fascists. We have not yet begun to crazy.

    1. On second thought, in “The Year of the Jackpot” Heinlein posited transvestitism as a leading sign of the apocalypse and Camille Paglia claims the current transsexual fad is characteristic of social collapse.

      Place your bets, ladies and gentlepersons.

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