Debbie’s IT People

The indictment is very strange:

the indictment is an exercise in omission. No mention of the Awan group’s theft of information from Congress. Not a hint about the astronomical sums the family was paid, much of it for no-show “work.” Not a word about Wasserman Schultz’s keeping Awan on the payroll for six months during which (a) he was known to be under investigation, (b) his wife was known to have fled to Pakistan, and (c) he was not credentialed to do the IT work for which he had been hired. Nothing about Wasserman Schultz’s energetic efforts to prevent investigators from examining Awan’s laptop. A likely currency-transportation offense against Alvi goes uncharged. And, as for the offenses that are charged, prosecutors plead them in a manner that avoids any reference to what should be their best evidence.

As with the IRS, where the hell is Jeff Sessions? He didn’t recuse himself from this. My confidence in our justice system continues to plummet.

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  1. If journalism actually existed this would be the deep throat moment that would destroy the democrats. [pillows]

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