Don’t use their app.

Still installing stuff on my new phone, but very carefully. I just started installing a voice recorder, but it insisted on having access to my pictures, the Internet, my location. Why? Nope.

[Update a few minutes later]

This seems sort of related: A statistics professor was banned from Google. It is looking more and more like the old libertarian argument that we have less to concern with private companies than government is getting a little threadbare when it comes to concentrations of power like this.

7 thoughts on “Accuweather”

  1. You never really know what apps are doing with the things you grant them permissions for. For weather, I like weatherbug. It has a nice doppler map and tells you how close the last lightening strike was. But it is free, so it probably sells tracking data.

  2. I went to that statistician’s blog, and it is anything but apolitiical. And it is certainly not PC. Still, Google should know better.

    1. Makes no difference. If Christian bakers have to bake gay wedding cakes, how do Goolag get to cut people off for their political views?

      Personally, I’m dropping Goolag for everything I don’t absolutely need. Who knows who the SJWs will go after next?

      1. I think that if you are a baker, of whatever religion, you are offering a “public accommodation.” If you are open to business by the general public, the anti-discrimination laws require you to serve whoever walks in the door.

        If you are Google (or CNN or anybody), if you have people working for you without union representation, you can dismiss them “at will” if for whatever reason the employer/employee relationship isn’t working out. On the other hand, if Google were to start “filtering” who could post on their You Tube subsidiary or other “content” they host, or if you wanted to run your campaign commercial on CNN, you cannot discriminate.

        They do? . . . Oh . . . Never mind!

        1. I think that if you are a baker, of whatever religion, you are offering a “public accommodation.”

          The gay wedding thing has nothing to do with baking.

  3. It is strange that google goes after domestic opinions they don’t like faster than they go after actual jihadists. They don’t go after many leftists. And they are quick to bend to the totalitarian demands of foreign governments.

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