5 thoughts on “Harvey”

  1. I don’t know what Transterrestrial Musings thinks of Nate Silver, but I read his Signal in the Noise book and found it quite interesting. He dedicates separate chapters to weather forecasting and climate modeling. My principal takeaway was that meterologists are much more cognizant of the assumptions they make and work really hard to quantify uncertainty (even if all we see is the boiled down “30% chance of rain”). This comment is apropos some things I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet where he thinks climate scientists are the people who predict the weather (they’re not).

  2. Shit got real overnight. Lots of areas flooding now. Freeways are closed. Buffalo Bayou (main creek going through Houston and source for Port of Houston) will have record crests. Rain forecast continuously for the next 3 days.

  3. Looks like things are going as well as can be expected but you can magically make the water go away. Hope all Rand’s readers in Texas are coping ok.

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