4 thoughts on “Maximum Lifespan”

  1. So really what they’ve calculated is a maximum lifespan *without bothering to treat aging per se*. So, a whole lotta nothing.

  2. I didn’t see much physics in the article. Reported ages are sometimes more or less than true age as well.

    With repair I don’t see why humans couldn’t live until the universe expires? However we might not have the last word on that. Dying between 80 and 120 doesn’t seem too shocking to most?

  3. At what point do you run out of functioning neurons? If the neurons can be regenerated how well can memories be preserved as the neural nets are being replaced by new tissue? The brain is an amazingly complex organ.
    A repaired body with impaired memory doesn’t seem that much of a bargain.

    1. Oh, I don’t know. You could continue to enjoy women, while forgetting a whole string of bad relationships…

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