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  1. Rand, your comments in regards to Sessions are becoming like Trump tweets. I don’t disagree with either of you about Sessions, though Trump was a bit kinder in just calling Sessions beleaguered and was willing to state it earlier. One of many poor choices by Trump.

  2. I think I would advise any President-elect who is coming in after a Presidental administration led by the other party to have the new Cabinet member personally vet every person in the top three levels of administration in their Department, and withdraw the security clearance of everyone who is replaced.

  3. The signs of a coup are everywhere. The thing is, we are ALL in denial because we don’t want it to be true.

  4. There is a compelling case that rather than the public having a compelling desire to see the emails of the former first lady, former secretary of state, former Presidential candidate that won the popular vote by 3 million that the public has a desire to never let them see the light of day. A corrupt case but still compelling.

    The other argument is Hillary who? Why would we release the emails of some random person no one even knows about.

  5. We never had these issues when Hoover was in charge!

    Er, um… “Miss Gandy would you please make sure the contents of these filing cabinets are shredded and burned upon my death or retirement?”

    1. David, the problem is not that corruption exists but that it is so universal. There was a time when even democrats could be trusted with national security.

      1. When corruption is the exception, the corrupt have difficulty building a network to get their dirty dealings done. When corruption is accepted, the corrupt no longer have to hide.

        1. I didn’t say all democrats but there were some. During WW2 some democrats would rather lose elections than damage this country by spilling secrets. Today, that would be shocking.

  6. A judge with a staff of half a dozen gets electecd to the senate, with a staff of a couple of doze (small state). Aaaaand now he’s goig to run a department of 100K+ staffers? Mostly lawyers that know how to make trouble? RUKM??????

  7. I doubt it. The FBI is usually quite professional. What probably happened is the e-mails really have nothing important in them and making them public would only needlessly expose the private life of the former executive. The way this should be handled IMHO is to let a Congressional commission have access to the e-mails to vet their content without making the contents public. Or to have some trusted 3rd party scrub the e-mails to remove private content (like medical records or things like that) before making the e-mails public.

    1. the e-mails really have nothing important in them and making them public would only needlessly expose the private life of the former executive

      It seems unlikely that her work emails are filled with private correspondence about her deepest personal issues. The entire investigation into her conduct as Secretary of State was rigged. It was a sham. There was no investigation.

      Releasing the emails would just add more confirmation of this, which is why the FBI wants to keep them secret. This is also confirmation that the investigation was rigged.

      Its quite possible that no one alive today has experienced a more corrupt administration than the Obama administration.

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