3 thoughts on “A Beating In Berkeley”

  1. As the article notes, many of the people in the Patriot Prayer group are not white and yet major media outlets from LA to Seattle have colluded with the Democrats to label them as white supremacists.

    Playing the old if a Republican did it game, we all know how the media would react if minority Democrats had received the repeated violence and harassment from Republicans. But since the parties are reversed, the violence must either be defended or hidden from view.

  2. Media. Don’t buy it, don’t subscribe to it. When they are all shouting in an empty canyon who’ll care?

  3. The tactic of the cowardly left is a repeated pattern that must be countered because it works. They isolate a target and swarm. It’s not just the thugs on the street. Now that they’ve got Bannon and Gorka out of the WH they’ve moved on to their next WH target,

    Focus works. We should do the same (without the violence but with the effect.) Pick a real fascist and shine the light on them. Start with the easiest ‘kills’ and just keep moving on to the next.

    We should be having best kill of the day like in Zombieland. Continuously.

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