5 thoughts on “New Glenn”

  1. The blog post makes Ariane 5’s dual-manifesting of satellites sound like a good thing. Is it? I had the impression that Ariane 5 is some oversized, because a version of it was originally to have launched the Hermes spaceplane. Dual-manifesting, I’d heard, was needed to improve the economics of an oversized rocket rather than something the market really wanted. It’s news to me that Ariane 6 — which I thought was smaller — is going to be dual-manifesting too.

  2. Go from a single stage, single engine, suborbital rocket to a two (and three!) stage, 8 engine, orbital monster with a 7m fairing…Seems like they need a new motto or they have very different idea of “step by step” than I do.

  3. I understand that the New Glenn is intended to be quite a bit larger than a Falcon 9, but I can’t help notice that Blue Origin only has a nice animation. SpaceX has the same visuals, only theirs are videos. From multiple missions.

    Wake me up when Blue Origin flight-test some hardware. Anyone can do CGI (hi, SLS!).

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