11 thoughts on “A Private Chinese Space Company”

    1. Founded in 2014, Link Space is a Beijing-based startup with no government or military background.

      Seems highly unlikely.

  1. Very cool. However a lighter rocket may be harder to control landing because it’s lower mass makes it more sensitive to adjustments. Fast computation may compensate.

    Otherwise it does make sense to start small.

  2. “We also believe that a good technical trend should not belong to a single company, and Elon has said that the reusable rocket is certain to be more and more common. In fact, a lot of similar programs are very different in detail. Although it looks similar in appearance, if you want to make it really work, you must do everything from zero to design and manufacture the whole rocket,” Hu concluded.

    Looks almost identical but he is right they still have to know how to put it all together and make it work.

    1. Yeah, I was pondering is it a copy or is it just design iterations converging on a solution. The Masten and Armadillo LLC vehicles were very similar, especially at the 180 second level.

      Since it’s Chinese, it’s tough to tell…they have a penchant for…er…”enthusiastic homages”.

      1. Indeed. Hopefully Elon doesn’t have too many Chinese nationals working for him, he might see some “鶻-9” flying from mainland China next year.

      2. Makes me wonder if SpaceX was hacked or if the Chinese got technical details from hacking NASA or other government agencies.

  3. Ain’t no such animal as a big “private” Chinese company No PLA connections? Nonsense! The Chinese government will heavily subsidise these people in an attempt to drive Space X out of business. Some of the people posting here seem to think this is a standard capitalist competition. It isn’t. The CCP is mercantilist to the max. Louis XIV would have understood Beijing’s policies completely.

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