Totalitarian Twitter

The service has just blocked all of my accounts (including my parody @HealthDotGov) account from posting, with no explanation other than:

Tweet from @HealthDotGov failed: To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, your account is temporarily locked. You cannot use the team account while your account is locked.

This is outrageous. No moron who objects to something that I tweet should be allowed to do this.

[Thursday-morning update]

It didn’t seem to last long, and things are back to normal now. Still no idea what happened, though.

10 thoughts on “Totalitarian Twitter”

  1. That’s Twitter for you. And that’s what is so corrosive about their censorship – nothing is sacred or true, it’s all about the butt-hurt of an SJW moron whether said moron is a special snowflake or a zealot employee.

    They might or might not tell you if it’s censorship but others have had to remove “offensive” tweets. Better get in touch with der kommissar to see if you were a bad boy or their algos thought you were a spammer. Doubtless someone there will attempt to humiliate you.

    Good luck, but remember MPAI. A couple of months ago I would have suggested trying GAB but they are having a meltdown of their own over there – somebody in management has gone full retard (never go full retard).

    1. The companies start out run by people who know what they’re doing.

      Then the SJWs infect it, and take over.

      And they don’t care whether it fails as a result, because they didn’t built it. There’ll always be more companies to infect.

      As for Twitter, yeah, they’re working hard to ban anyone to the right of Stalin. That’s why I haven’t been there in ages, except for the occasional time someone links to it.

      1. I keep links to a few Twitter accounts that tweet emergency information in the event of a tornado (or tropical storm, damn you Irma) warning, but I sure as hell don’t need a Twitter account to see them, and I don’t need them when there’s no emergency.

        1. Twitter is very useful for stuff like this. Perhaps because so many government agencies use it for this a case could be made that Twitter functions like a utility and can’t refuse people service.

          People would say, “What about the terrorists?” Well, Twitter leaves their stuff up and uses policies intended to target ISIS to go after domestic politics they don’t like.

  2. I’ve never been on those kind of social networks. I did register with gab but haven’t used it beyond an initial test.

    This is also why the left gets blindsided by bad polls. People know the game is rigged because of experiences like this but don’t let the left know they’re wise.

    1. Twitter is great for getting things to read but the more people you follow the worse their system becomes. It is great to be able to talk to various levels of celebrities or professionals in different fields but it sucks when you run afoul of one and you get thousands of people sending you hate tweets. These are problems that everyone faces regardless of their political ideology.

      The biggest problem with Twitter is the Twitter Bubble. People with blue check marks tend to think Twitter is representative of society, and it isn’t. The reinforcement they get from their compatriots isn’t representative of how society thinks and the poor behavior they see isn’t representative either. This is a huge problem with the DNC media.

  3. To Twitter, you aren’t a customer. You’re a resource. Your value to them is that you may do things that attract actual paying customers. If they decide your net value is negative, for whatever reason, they will have no compunction about ejecting you from their systems. Nor should they — they are a business after all, not a charity.

    1. There are reasons some businesses are illegal. Others, while not illegal are highly regulated.

      So customers are a product (resource) for twitter? So are hookers for a pimp.

      We know the 1st amendment only applies to government, but twitter could be tightly regulated and penalized for abusing that 1st amendment principle simply by passing a law. Twitter, like any company, avoids such laws when they act as if such a law already exists.

      They don’t and should pay the price. I might even get an account if that should happen.

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