The Left

…is sitting on the biggest crime ever committed by a sitting president.

As many have pointed out, this is the Democrats’ Watergate, where the president actually committed the crimes of surveillance and siccing the IRS on his political enemies (unlike Nixon, who simply attempted to). Beyond that, one of the reasons why Lynch refused to let Clinton be prosecuted is that it would have almost certainly implicated Obama as well.

[Late-morning update]

Unmasking, yet another abuse of power. It may not have been illegal per se, but it was certainly that.

5 thoughts on “The Left”

  1. This isn’t really a left problem. The problem is the right not enforcing the law. Either that or the whole concept of human law enforcement is invalid.

    The cockroaches used to hide from the light, but the right is so feckless Hillary feels free to say, “you mean wipe it with a cloth?” knowing her smug comment will not carry any repercussions (or anything far worse and equally out in the open.)

    1. No, the problem is fifty-plus years of the left actively working to undermine the rule of law and use the law as a weapon that only applies to the right.

      The left have never believed in the rule of law. But they’ve pushed things so far that even many on the right don’t believe in it any more.

      1. During those fifty years the left committed crimes. If those crimes had consistently met with the punishment they deserved they would never feel so free to ignore them today.

        There are two paths to tyranny. One is by specific targeted laws to punish political enemies. The other is by loosely defined laws selectively enforced and/or waved.

        Relentless evil is the given… good men doing nothing is the cause. Which is why we have that true saying. Pointing fingers at the left will never solve the problem. Cleaning our own house first is the only solution.

  2. I am surprised that our non-partisan government workers followed all of these orders. This really emphasizes how one of the best protections against an abusive government is for that government to have less power over people. This explains why our friends to the left want more government. By controlling the workforce, they are free to be tyrannical when in power and remain mostly in control when out of power.

  3. No, not the end of America, but the moving of the fight for America into a new, more dangerous phase-hopefully mostly for the Left.

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