3 thoughts on “Evergreen State”

  1. What a great line: “Who would have guessed that when America cleaved, the left would get the National Football League and the right would get uncontested custody of science?”

    Well maybe not too great, because first you would have had to believed that the left ever had a good grasp of science, and then also forget that the NFL has always been a friend and mouthpiece of big labor.

  2. “They received sanctions ranging from formal warnings, community service and probation, to suspension.”

    Community service = working for Democrat activist groups. I bet most of them got community service. Punishment consisting of engaging in the same behavior that lead to the acts requiring punishment isn’t going to stop future acts, it mandates them.

    The left has long pointed to deniers of climate change and evolution to demonstrate that over here, science is a core value.

    Leftists rarely comprehend what others think about evolution or the climate. People who always go on about evolution usually don’t understand it very well and are usually just jackasses who think they are some higher form of human who are too unaware to notice their own magical thinking and primitive thought process. Leftists discussing climate change rarely involves science and is usually just logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks.

    Heather appears to have been red pilled but she still clings to some postmodern modes of thinking.

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