17 thoughts on “The New Accord”

  1. Everyone is going turbo now to get increased horsepower. Not sure I like the idea. It drives an owner further away from the corner car garage.

    1. Howso?

      Indie shops can replace a turbo; they’re not Strange Speciality Technology in 2017.

      It’s also not 1985 – turbochargers aren’t especially fragile or failure-prone these days.

  2. I have the 1.5L Turbo in a CR-V package and I’m getting 33-35mpg on my commutes. I have gotten as high as 38mpg. And while it has less power than my previous V6 Rav-4, its not significantly slower on acceleration that I don’t feel like I can get off the line if necessary. The fact is most people won’t put their foot on the floor, and the Honda engine won’t mind if you want to do that every now and then. Indeed, it will respond accordingly (no pun intended).

  3. Turbos are pretty much a necessity nowadays to get acceptable power with adequate EPA fuel economy. I wish that superchargers were more common though – the modern versions are are almost as efficient as a turbo, and the instant response is wonderful.

      1. I’m aware that turbos have come a long way (back in the day I had a Ford Mustang SVO with a 2.4 liter turbo four with moderate lag, and in the last several years I’ve had two VW turbos, both with minimal lag), but…I think with a manual transmission, I’m much more sensitive to turbo lag than with an automatic shift (whether it’s a torque-converter auto or a dual-clutch automated shift manual).

        That being said, I may be in the market for a new car in the next year, and I’ll definitely have to keep this one in mind, especially since Honda has apparently upped its instrument panel game so dramatically.

  4. “…but the 2.0T’s torque peak of 273 lb-ft at 1500 rpm surpasses that of the old Accord’s V-6, which made 252 lb-ft at 4900 rpm.”

    That’s pretty damned amazing. I wonder if these relatively small forced induction engines will go a quarter million miles like the normally aspirated 2.4 or 3.5 engines they replace.

    1. Wouldn’t bet on it, but modern turbo engines are much better than the 1980s models I’ve driven. We test-drove a 2015 turbo Subaru a couple of years back and it just had constant torque from 2k rpm, aside from a brief split second of turbo lag to get there (which was no worse than the transmission lag on the non-turbo model).

  5. That is a beautiful car, inside and out. And the price is nothing short of astonishing. Not sure that I will ever buy another car, but that one would be high on the list if I ever did.

    1. It doesn’t look ugly but it does look a little strange. The back half and the front half look like they belong to different cars.

  6. I have owned an Accord, and I can certainly attest to its terrific value. I was faithful in following the recommended maintenance schedule, and it never gave me any trouble for the 225,000 miles that I put on it.

    The new model appears to be a marvel. The front grill looks like it is missing something, though.

  7. I’ve got a 2000 Accord, auto, 2.3 liter engine. Done 142,000 km in the 17 years since we bought it new. It is our only car but when going to work involves a short commute down the stairs after breakfast you tend not to put a lot of miles on (only driven by little old couple to the airport on Sundays). Best car by far I ever owned out of 6 total over 51 years. I’ve owned exactly as many gliders/airplanes as cars.
    I’d buy another Honda if I need another car.
    Agree the front grille of the new Accord needs a plastic hexagonal grill molding to cover the ugly gap. Wonder if somebody will do an aftermarket one?

  8. Working on putting 300k on an accord right now. It wasn’t until the last 25k that things started to go wrong. Most of them just inconveniences not worth fixing but others, like clogged EGR channels, worth doing and have been the only real maintenance needs aside from brakes/tires/oil.

    My only gripe isn’t related to accords but just cars in general. In the area I live, SUV’s and trucks are common and all the other cars have super bright headlights. When your car is low to the ground, all the lights (all of them) just shine in your face.

    I am always looking for a new car but the one I have does what it is supposed to and still gets great gas mileage.

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